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The Garage was closed for a month now and the reason for that is we just like to work behind closed doors. Just kidding, the real reason is we were super busy improving and enhancing our invoicing platform Invoicebus

You already know about the migration of the database in the cloud and the real-time updates of the activity history, but that is only a scratch on the surface in comparison what we’ve done in the last couple of months. Most of the updates are not noticeable for our users so maybe some will say, “guys, you haven’t done anything new”, and I can’t blame them for that. Anyway we made this changes and improvements because we believe they’ll give the end user more painless experience in his invoice management.

The biggest change we’ve made is in our marketing site so after few months of hard work we’ve reworked the site copywriting, and gave the site layout the simplicity it was begging for. The old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so I’ll spear myself from explaining the changes and tell you to visit Invoicebus right away and I’ll be waiting you here. I won’t go anywhere, I promise. In case you haven’t saw our new tour and pricing page go on and see them too. Another change we’ve made is with this blog you’re reading right now. As you can see the design is reworked to be compatible with the rest of the site, and we decided to “rename” it to just Garage.

OK, enough for that. Now I want to tell you something very interesting, and that is… prepare yourself for celebration and cake. Did I have your attention? Hm? Well, both we, Dimitar and Stefan are very excited to tell you we’re celebrating one year of Invoicebus… yup this is true, we’ve made it. On 30th November 2011 we officially started the engines on our invoicing software Invoicebus, and after one year we’re very pleased to tell you where we’ve got with the bus. But I’ll leave the interesting stuff for the next post and if you’re afraid of missing the next post subscribe for news in the box below.

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Dimitar Stojanov
Dimitar is co-founder of Invoicebus, an online invoicing tool for easy invoice management. He's passionate about creating beautiful and simple web applications and occasionally writes on this blog about web design, online business, and fighting the status-quo. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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  1. I wish the whole InvoiceBus team a very happy anniversary. You guys are awesome in both, professional and personal way.

    Celebration is in order :)

  2. Thanks Dragan for your kind words, and tomorrow is the real celebration.