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Customer Stories

Meet Stefan van der Vliet from Pix & Pages

Stefan comes from Dordrecht, The Netherlands. He runs a web design company and uses Invoicebus to invoice clients and keep his accounts organized.


Name Stefan van der Vliet
Position Owner
Company Pix & Pages
Headquarters Dordrecht, The Netherlands nl
Industry Webdesign, E-commerce, Online marketing, Web hosting
Type B2B


Stefan started Pix & Pages as a photography and web design company in 2008. Since they are CS-Cart Authorized Reseller, their main activities are nowadays e-commerce based. From developing new web shops to web hosting to online marketing.

Who is Stefan? Can you give us a bit of background?

Sure, I’m 33 years old and live in The Netherlands. During my study, I realized that working for a boss wasn’t something I wanted. I wanted the freedom of doing what I wanted, whenever I wanted. Also being responsible for multiple jobs, instead of only being a designer or a programmer, was very appealing to me. Therefore I started my own business after finishing my studies informatics in 2008. I made my profession of my 2 biggest passions back then; web design and photography.



Can you tell us a bit about your invoicing process? What do you use Invoicebus for and how things have been working for you so far?

I started using Invoicebus in March 2013. Until then I made invoices manually in Microsoft Word. It was a hell of a job, so I was delighted by the ease of Invoicebus. It saves me a lot of time creating invoices, but also shows me unpaid invoices at a glance.

When it comes to getting your invoices paid, what’s your mindset? How do you approach it? Any tips for the readers?

In my opinion, the relationship between you and your customer is key. It also helps when the customer knows why he is receiving the invoice, so good descriptions are important. That’s why I always add a list of activities in the e-mail that have been done that month. And sending the invoices on a fixed day, for example the 1st every month, so the customer knows what to expect.