Frequently Asked Questions
Invoicebus your country

Does Invoicebus operate in my country?

Yes. Invoicebus offers full support for users based in any country across the globe.

How does Invoicebus work?

Invoicebus is a cloud-based invoicing service which allows sellers to send online invoices for their goods and services and receive payments with only a few clicks. Invoicebus works on the “bill-is-in-the-email” principle, meaning anyone with an email address can receive an itemized invoice from you. The invoice you create with Invoicebus is similar to the conventional paper-based invoice, but it is accessible online from any device at any time via a unique link. You send a link of the invoice to your client by email, who then clicks and opens the invoice in a browser. The online invoice contains an embedded "Pay" button which allows your client to pay instantly with any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal. The process is fast, secure, and error-free; and usually it results in receiving payments within minutes of sending the invoice.

What do I need in order to start sending online payable invoices?

You need an active Invoicebus account linked to one of the supported payment providers.

What payment providers does Invoicebus support?

Invoicebus supports integration with the following payment providers:

Do I need any coding skills to start using Invoicebus?

No. Invoicebus works right out of the box and you don't need any special setup, coding skills, or previous knowledge. You only need to connect your payment provider with Invoicebus (usually a one-click integration) and you are ready to go.

Am I limited on where I can send invoices?

No. Because of partners like 2Checkout, you can send invoices to nearly any corner of the world.

Does Invoicebus support ACH payments?

No. We hope to have this soon.

PayPal is not supported in my country. Can I still receive PayPal payments with Invoicebus?

Yes, you can! By connecting your 2Checkout account with Invoicebus, we will give your customers an option to pay with PayPal, even if you don't have a PayPal account. Invoicebus will instruct 2Checkout to process the PayPal payment on your behalf and deposit the funds to your personal 2Checkout account. Then you can make withdrawals in in a way that works best for you - bank transfer, international wire transfer, or on a prepaid Payoneer MasterCard.

What currencies does Invoicebus support?

Invoicebus supports issuing invoices in any currency. However, in order to be able to receive online payment in a specific currency, the currency should also be supported by the payment provider you are using with Invoicebus.

What languages does Invoicebus support?

Invoicebus supports issuing invoices in any language.

Can I customize my invoice?

Yes, you can fully customize your invoice according to your needs. You can upload your logo, you can use your wording, you can even create your own layout. Invoicebus supports creating custom HTML invoice templates which can be styled and structured as you please. We also have over a dozen beautifully designed invoice templates which are ready to use immediately.

Can Invoicebus send automatic invoices for my Stripe charges?

Yes - it's a one-click setting. You can even pass metadata data in your charges and include it anywhere throughout invoices and emails. This feature can also be used to send customizable payment receipts.

Why should I choose Invoicebus over other solutions?

Invoicebus is ...

How secure is my data?

Security of your data is our number one priority. We've used the best tools and engineering practices available to build and maintain Invoicebus, and you can rest assured that we've implemented multiple levels of security to protect and back up your data. Go to our security page to learn more.

How much does it cost to receive payments with Invoicebus?

Invoicebus employs a fixed subsription fee according to your pricing plan. There's no any hidden or per-transcation fees.

Does Invoicebus support integration with any shopping carts?

No, currently we don’t offer integration with any shopping carts.

Does Invoicebus have a Demo Website?

Yes, you can access it here. We also have a demo invoice for which you can make a test payment by using the following card:

  • Credit Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Expiration: any date in the future
  • CVV: any number

Does Invoicebus support recurring billing?

Yes it does. You can create subscription plans, send recurring invoices, and bill your customers automatically.

How to know if Invoicebus is a good fit for my business?

I don’t plan to receive online payments through my invoices. Can I still use Invoicebus?

Yes, Invoicebus is also a tool for better invoice management. It doesn't matter whether you are receiving online or offline payments, you can still generate invoices very easy, send them by email, track when your clients open them, schedule automatic payment reminders, and more.