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    Spend less time invoicing &
    more time enjoying your life.

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    Get paid with a single click.
    Look good doing it.

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    Easily win new deals.
    Get used to being awesome.

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    Third Round

    Stay on top of your cash.
    Avoid late payments.

No more managing the program to manage your invoices

Invoicebus is so simple
even grandmas can use it.

Clean, obvious, and crazy effective. Invoicebus is a model of excellence for intuitive, simple, and clutter-free app. Nothing to learn, nothing to set up - it's so easy-to-use invoices almost manage themselves.


Yes, you really can create invoices
blazing fast, at last.

With all clients, items, and payment options on a single page, Invoicebus helps you write invoices in a matter of seconds. Auto calculates totals and taxes, auto saves products and prices. It even auto fills out your usual terms so you don't need to re-enter them every time.

Set and forget,
Invoicebus will do the rest.

Whether you decide to schedule one-time invoices for later sending, or you need to create subscription plans and send recurring invoices - Invoicebus has you covered. Plus, it saves your customer billing details so you can triger automatic charges in the future.

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1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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28 29 30 31

Say hasta-la-vista to clunky Word and hello your new joy

Beauty and brains come together in
amazing invoice templates.

How great would it be if you could make your invoices stand out among 100s others? With over a dozen creative designs you are sure to get remembered every time you send an invoice.
Pick a template, personalize it with your branding & colors,
and get ready to skyrocket your reputation through the roof.

  • HELLO There

    Invoicebus supports your language and currency

Customize everything.
Fields, language, currency.

English, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin, Klingon. You name it. Invoicebus supports any language and currency. Moreover, it gives you complete control over each field across the invoice so you can easily customize it for any industry or business, with wording of your choice.

Get paid with a single click - Invoicebus plays well with 2Checkout, PayPal, and Stripe.

Use your 2Checkout, PayPal, or Stripe account and start receiving payments directly through your invoices, with a click of the button. Just hook up your credentials in Invoicebus and give your clients the easiest way to pay. Credit cards, Debit cards, Bitcoins? Hell yeah!

When it gets hard to win new clients we'll back you up

Have you price quotes accepted
with a click of the button.

No more email ping-pong to tune-up the price and the scope of a work. Invoicebus helps you collaborate with your client in real-time and set all job expectations in one place. Your client can accept the quote with one click, you can turn it to an invoice with another. It's that awesome.

Quote Actions
Accept Quote
Decline Quote
Print Quote
Download to PDF
Hello Fred,

According to my records I have not received payment of $230 for your Invoice 23 which is overdue by 6 days. I believe you might overlook this due to some burden of work.

I would be grateful if you could check this out on your end. If the payment has already been sent, please accept my apologies and disregard this notice.

Hi John,

I deeply appreciate your business and I’m sure we can do more together in future.

It was a real pleasure working with you.

Stay amazing,
Hello {client_name},

Here is your Invoice {doc_no} of {price}.

Prompt payment will result in a warm handshake and a hot cup of coffee.


When you don't know how to say it,
Invoicebus will do.

Spending hours thinking the clever language for your corresponding emails? Spend no more - Invoicebus has ready-to-use message templates you can customize and send immediately. They are friendly, consistent, and proven to work like a charm.

Invoicebus says thanks to your clients
when you forget to do so.

Being polite matters and can really pay off big in the future. That's why Invoicebus sends personalized thank-you email upon each payment you receive. As your client won't be aware that this is an automated message, you'll look super meticulous even when you are forgetful or lazy.

Finally everything organized in one central place, online

Invoicebus immediately puts you
in charge of your cash.

Want to see how you are doing, who owes, and who paid? The crystal clear dashboard gives you unparalleled control over your receivables with just one glance, making you sure no cash is ever going unaccounted. It shows everything you need and nothing you don't.

Net:21 days [due: 11-18-2013]
Paid (0.00%):$0.00
Amount Due:$500.00
Net:10 days [due: 11-04-2013]
Paid (37.04%):$105.00
Amount Due:$178.50
Net:15 days [due: 11-04-2013]
Paid (100.00%):$302.50
Amount Due:$0.00
Net:21 days [due: 11-09-2013]
Paid (24.00%):£60.00
Amount Due:£190.00
Net:3 days [due: 10-20-2013]
Overdue by: 13 days
Paid (53.13%):$85.00
Amount Due:$75.00

Track your client activity in real-time.

Ever wondered if a client opened your document? Wonder no more - Invoicebus always tells you in real-time, as it happens. Plus it tracks every new comment, quote approval and received payment, and lets you know by email so you don't need to login every time.

Invoicebus automatically reminds your clients
on every unpaid invoice.

If you follow up on your invoices, you'll get paid faster. When you don't your payment could be late. That's why Invoicebus follows up for you, always at the right time with the right tone. It's like having a personal secretary at a fraction of the cost.