Recurring Invoicing and
Subscription Billing for Stripe

Invoicebus helps you create subscription plans in seconds, send recurring invoices, and bill your customers automatically.

Connect your Stripe account with Invoicebus
Create a recurring subscription and email an online invoice for it
Get the invoice paid with a click & have your customer billing info stored
Automatically collect payments for each future invoice


  • Send recurring invoices automatically
  • Bill customers automatically
  • Auto-attempt failed charges
  • Auto-calculate prorated charges


  • Create flexible subscription models
  • Change pricing plans on-the-fly
  • Customize subscription duration


  • Support for taxes & discounts
  • Custom SMTP email delivery
  • Multi-language & multi-currency support
  • Custom invoice templates (HTML/CSS)

“I never thought I'll be able to put my invoicing on autopilot so easy. It needed just a few clicks to set my subscriptions and start charging customers. Invoicebus is incredibly intuitive and simple to use. Thank you!”
Matthias van Zanten, CEO at Trenz


How can I get my customer subscribed?

You create a subscription in Invoicebus and email an online invoice to your customer. The customer pays by clicking a button on the invoice after which their billing details are securely stored in Stripe. All subsequent invoices are generated and billed automatically thereafter.

Can I disable auto billing?

Yes. In this case, Invoicebus will generate invoices, but it will not initiate automatic charges. All recurring invoices will contain "Pay" button so that customer can pay manually.

Do I need to code anything to make this work?

No. You can create subscriptions right out of the box, with only a few clicks.

What recurring intervals does Invoicebus support?

You can create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plans; and any combination derived from them. For example, every 2 weeks, every 6 months, every 2 years, etc.

Can I create different plans and migrate customers from one plan to another in the middle of a billing cycle?

Yes, you can. You can also enable prorations so the next invoice amount will be adjusted accordingly.

Can I change subscriptions without asking customers to enter their billing info again?

If the customer billing details were previously stored, you can switch their subscription immediately (even silently). Otherwise, you need to send them an initial invoice to collect their billing info.

Can I charge customers without emailing them recurring invoices all the time?

Yes, you can disable all email notifications and silently charge customers without bothering them ever again about their recurring installments.

Can I add additional items to a subscription?

You can add items only to the first invoice of the subscription (eg. setup fees).

What happens if a charge fails?

Invoicebus attempts to charge the customer a few times (up to 4) according to your pre-defined schedule. If the final attempt fails, you can specify default action such as: "do nothing", "mark subscription as overdue", or "cancel subscription". For each failed charge you can customize default email message that will be used to notify the customer.

How much does it cost?

This functionality is included in the Double-decker plan and comes with a fixed monthly fee of $29.95. We also offer one-year and two-year subscription options for which we’re giving discounts of 16% and 30% respectively.