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In the past couple of weeks we were working on a few improvements of the Invoicebus system. Before we apply them, there’re few things we believe you should know about.

Updated information:
The updates will take effect on 18th of July, 2012, 12:15h CET 22th of July, 2012, 15h CET.
Possible downtime: Less than 15 30 minutes.

During the development, we wrote a short log of changes, so I’ll share that with you and thoroughly introduce you with all changes.


1. All emailed invoices/quotes can be accessed online in the browser by direct link.
The invoice/quote content won’t be shown within the email body anymore (Please consider notifying your clients about this change).

The link is automatically generated and included in the email right after your custom message. In order to open the link, the client will be prompted to enter access code (unique for every document, contained within the email as well).

Additional functionalities of the online document are:

  • Print option (with printer friendly formatting);
  • Download to PDF option;
  • Accept Option (only for quotes);
  • Decline Option (only for quotes);
  • Document Status;
  • Activity History;
  • Custom comments;
  • Email notifications (optional):
    – Document is viewed by client;
    – Quote is Accepted/Declined by client;
    – New comment is left (if you left the comment, client is notified and vice versa).

Other benefits of the online document are:

  • Improved overall experience;
  • Improved security;
  • Invoices/Quotes can be easily accessed from anywhere;
  • Invoice/Quote can be easily forwarded;
  • Resolved problem with email clients that don’t support HTML content;
  • Resolved problem with email clients that block images;
  • Resolved problem for ‘Document Viewed’ notification accuracy.

2. Plain text version of all email messages

  • Improved readability for email clients that don’t support HTML content.

3. Invoice Menu renamed to Invoice Actions

4. Quote Menu renamed to Quote Actions

5. Document View/Edit update

  • Direct link with unique access code is included at the bottom of the document, right above Activity History section (only for logged-in users)

6. Activity History update

  • Refresh button included
  • Comment notification checkbox (weather to notify the client about newly entered comment or not. Only for logged-in users).
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