Great New Feature – Customizable Field Labels

Customization of the field labels allows creating documents in any language in any country with text of your choice

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We love Mondays, we really do, especially those when we launch new feature. The last one was one of those. We’ve introduced another great option as an answer to many requests from our users about localization of the invoices and customization of the field labels.

The localization of the invoices has been planned from the very beginning, but was not ready for the initial release, so we postponed a bit. The implementation was planned to be with combo box, so the user can switch among multiple languages. In the meanwhile, we’ve received numerous requests from our users about invoice label customization, so we came up with another idea. Instead to translate the invoice in various languages, we decided to make the labels fully customizable so the user can enter any text he likes in any language. And yes, Invoicebus automatically save it for future re-use.

This solution gives more flexibility in a more intuitive way. Therefore, you can:

  • Localize the invoices in any language, in any country;
  • Customize the field labels with your text (e.g., change the field ‘Quantity’ to ‘Hours’);
  • Omit some fields/labels (e.g., if you don’t want the field ‘Terms & Notes’ to be shown, simply hit space inside the label and the final invoice won’t show anything. Booya!)

Here’s an example with custom labels.


If you have any suggestion or feature request, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you and consider it as a future update.

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