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Distributing Content via CDN

The most requested Invoicebus files from now on are delivered via Akamai CDN at blazing speeds, improving the overall performances, while reducing the load time In one of the previous posts, we described how we host the Invoicebus site and introduced the term Cloud Files and CDN (Content Delivery Network). Because the user base of […]

Sleep tight, your data is secure, part 5 – Hosting Server Security

Our customers should clearly know where and how their data are kept and what kind of protection guards their precious documents This is the last part from the security talk series where I’m going to explain you the methods and technologies we use to host and test the web servers of Invoicebus. When I talk […]

Hosting Struggle – Round 1

As a bootstrapped company every cent is valuable for us, so we always look to reduce our costs and expenses. Because of the limited budget, we decided to make one week test on a free hosting service, thus lowering the costs for web hosting at the start. Usually free web hosting is not always as […]