The new Invoicebus is here

We’ve just released a big update to Invoicebus, probably the biggest one since launch. It includes new interface design, credit card payments, Google connect, real-time email delivery notifications, and more.

All new and refined, yet instantly familiar design

We believe the design is something that can make the product or break it. It’s a phenomenon that triggers immediate connection with our senses. Sometimes it may even cause various emotional responses such as happiness and joy.

That’s why we give a great importance to the beauty of the graphical interface. The face-lifted Invoicebus brings cleaner, refined, and more appealing appearance on top the good old user experience. Here’re couple of screen shots how the new interface looks like.


Accept credit card payments instantly (kudos Stripe)

We’re thrilled to announce that from now on, you can use Invoicebus to accept credit card payments instantly through your invoices, with a click of a button.

To process payments on your behalf, Invoicebus uses Stripe – a great service that makes credit card payments incredibly easy and safe. If you don’t have a Stripe account yet, you may consider signing up – it’s super fast and you don’t need a merchant account.

Security info: Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 – the most stringent level of certification available. Invoicebus uses Stripe.js to integrate and any communication between Invoicebus and Stripe happens through an encrypted SSL channel. This makes Invoicebus payments PCI compliant as well. You can learn more on Invoicebus security at

We prepared a demo invoice you can use to play around and see how payments work. Feel free to use the following test card (don’t worry no real charge will be made):

Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiration Date: 05/19
CVC: 100

The simple payment form also allows your client to store his payment info for quick payments in future, which means he won’t be bothered to re-enter his credit card details the next time he gets an invoice from you (yay single click payments!). Furthermore, if the client has previously used Stripe checkout on any other web site, he will only be prompted to confirm the payment with a single click (Stripe already knows who the payer is only by his email address). Isn’t this awesome?

To enable credit card payments, all you need to do is connect your Stripe account with Invoicebus (Settings -> Connect with Stripe).

Google connect

Google connect allows you to use your existing Google account to login (or sign up) at Invoicebus. If you already have an Invoicebus account with non-Google email address, you can still connect your Google account and use it for all future logins. This way you won’t need to manage separate usernames/passwords everywhere.

Real-time email delivery notifications

Invoicebus deals with lots of outgoing emails per day and many times it faces situations when the email is rejected by the recipient’s email service provider due to various reasons. Even though Invoicebus tracks such emails (bounces) and notifies you as they happen, from now on it also tracks delivered emails. That means it tells you the exact time when your email was delivered to the client.

You can track these events in real-time from the document activity history. This way you won’t need to wonder anymore if the email has been delivered or not.
You will simply know ;)

Other important changes

  • Added two auto-calculable fields on the invoice: “Paid amount” and “Amount due”. If you write invoices in non-English language you may consider changing the labels of these fields.
  • Added ability to set online payment options within the invoice editor.
  • Multiple text filters in the dashboards are simplified and combined into one field (all keywords can be entered in one sentence).
  • “Pay” button(s) are added below Amount Due in the client’s preview of the invoice. This will make them better noticeable to the client.
  • “Accept” and “Decline” buttons are added below total price in the client’s preview of the quote. The “Accept” button now triggers action with a single click (no more annoying confirmation for the client).

Upcoming features:

As you may have noticed, we are moving towards complete automation of the invoicing. That means we’re taking Invoicebus to a level where it will do many tasks for you, automatically – from sending quotes, to converting them to invoices, to following-up, to saying thanks to your clients when you get paid.

Considering this, we’re developing two features that will be launched by the end of the next month:

  • Automatic payment reminders / follow-ups
  • Automatic thank you notes

And if it’s late blame these guys:

Now it’s your turn!

How do you like the latest changes? Is there anything we could do to make Invoicebus better for you? Please let me know in the comments below, I would really love to hear from you.

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  1. Dragan says:

    Wow guys, congratulations.

    This is one big update new interface, new payment methods, Google connect…

    I’ll spread the word.

    P.S. I especially liked the Flintstones touch in your screenshots :)

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