The Invoicebus Manifesto

Our ideology is precise and publicly available to everyone.
It consists of 12 fundamental principles in which we strongly believe:

We believe Invoicebus is reflection of our passion

It’s more than just a software, it’s a real-time projection of an ideal full of enthusiasm and faith where belief in success is our key component. It’s an asset that we use to show our customers how the glow of our motivation and the greatness of our vision reflects into the product we create. It’s been built with great passion and every single functionality has been studied to the tiniest detail with lots of love.

We believe in simplicity

Invoicebus is intended to be used by human beings, who are intuitive by nature and like simple things. We are surrounded by invoicing web-apps which compete on that who has more features like: time tracking, to do list, expense tracking, staff members, contact list and bunch of other stuff. We don’t compete with them on features, instead we do the opposite: We make less software with less options deliberately, software that doesn’t require you to read help and tutorials or even search Google to operate it. Invoicebus is plain and focuses on what is really necessary and important. Simple as 1, 2, 3.

We believe invoice creation is the core of invoicing

Everything else is secondary. We spent a lot of time to bring the invoice creation concept simple and intuitive as the natural way with paper sheet, by using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach. In Invoicebus everything is accessible on the same screen with no page reloads or interruptions, smoothly like waltz. We think the customer’s focus should be on the invoice content, not on the software and how to manage it.

We believe in beauty of clean interface

We give a great importance to the beauty of the graphical interface. We think beauty is perceived with eyes first, and after with all other senses. That’s why we make the crystal clear interface of Invoicebus with perfectly consistent elements, menus and options. It is interface similar to a desktop application that provides user with an experience well beyond traditional web paradigm. It has such immense wealth of user interactivity possibly to a degree never achieved before in online invoicing.
That’s interface who has more visibility, focus, intuitiveness, elegance, consistency; but has less redundancy, distractions, confusion, ambiguity.

We believe small businesses and freelancers have special software needs

Big software companies don’t understand the needs of a small business. Why? Because they ride on a different bus, they are big, they think big, they make big. They build software, but their solutions often fail to cater to small businesses and freelancers, particularly in essential tasks like bookkeeping for independent contractors. We know this because we are a small business and we have special needs. Owners of small businesses are constantly in rush because everything they do for their business they do it themselves. They don’t have a whole day to learn the invoicing software or dig through their fancy features. They need a software that simply does the job, including managing finances seamlessly for freelancers and independent contractors. Simplifying financial management for these professionals is crucial in maintaining their focus on growing their business. They are people who share the same vision as we do, who ride on the same bus with us. We’ve created Invoicebus for them, to pick them up.

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