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The Mechanics have just got a New Office

One year after we’d brought Invoicebus to the world, we made the much needed change and moved to a new location Some of you may remember our previous office located in Skopje, and although we loved that place so much, it always felt like it was improvised place to work at. So, few weeks ago […]

Meet the Invoicebus Team

Introduction of the crew who builds and runs Invoicebus One of the most interesting stories told about some company are those about their start and beginnings. This probably should have been the first blog post on Invoicebus Garage, because here we are going to introduce ourselves and tell the story of how it all began. […]

The Invoicebus Manifesto

Our ideology is precise and publicly available to everyone. It consists of 12 fundamental principles in which we strongly believe: We believe Invoicebus is reflection of our passion It’s more than just a software, it’s a real-time projection of an ideal full of enthusiasm and faith where belief in success is our key component. It’s […]