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Meet the Invoicebus Team

Introduction of the crew who builds and runs Invoicebus One of the most interesting stories told about some company are those about their start and beginnings. This probably should have been the first blog post on Invoicebus Garage, because here we are going to introduce ourselves and tell the story of how it all began. […]

Invoicebus First review

Our free invoicing software Invoicebus got its first review. “Invoicebus is a newbie on small business software market. The web application helps make invoice templates, bill customers, email and download invoices, set payment alerts. Invoicebus offers several full-featured accounts. They differ by the number of clients you can manage with your account type. Start with […]

Premium Plans Available for Buying

After 45 days of promotional period and excellent feedback from our customers, Invoicebus introduced the fully functional premium plans. Invoicebus offers 3 premium plans and one completely free plan: Minibus (you can store up to 15 clients) – USD $9.95/monthly Single-decker (you store up to 50 clients) – USD $19.95/monthly Double-decker (you can store Unlimited […]

Invoicebus Got Better & Faster

Recently we had our first update of Invoicebus. Insight of improvements and fixes are given in the following list. During the official test period we collected feedback from the first Invoicebus users. They gave great ideas and suggestions for improvement of Invoicebus, so we implemented some of those in this update. The improvements are: Faster […]

Invoicebus Has Been Launched

The arrival November 30th, 2011 – 23:30min CET – The Invoicebus has finally arrived! Great thanks to all people who took part in the testing program and helped us tuning the final release version of the application. For those who have left feedback we prepared a few gifts. We are grateful to all friends and […]

Feature Preview 2: Invoice Functions

Send by email, viewed notification, download to PDF, enter payment, payment reminder, thank you note Most of the invoice functions are translated for the quotes also. We will cover only the most common for both document types. The windows shown in the context below pop up when you choose some of the related actions. Send […]

Feature Preview 1: Outgoing Invoices

Outgoing Invoices is a section within Invoicebus where you can do amazing operations with your invoices in a perfectly smooth and organized way. Why to manage numerous of data in different places and deal with complex customer relationship management modules when you can do all from one place, integrated and straightforward like an A. Few […]

New dressing code

Made from carefully chosen cotton, hand-tailored, printed with the original Invoicebus logo, these brand new t-shirts are our new symbolic uniforms. We are very happy to share how this little piece of garage working outfit looks like. Panther Black and Perl White shirts Because we are small team, each one of us is tempted to […]

Sleep tight, your data is secure, part 3 – Data Storage Security

To make Invoicebus a place where its customers would feel safe and sound, we’ve built a little fortress around its data. We reveal a tiny, but interesting part of its architecture. Data Storage Security In our case, data storage security refers to the way of keeping and managing customer’s data within the database: invoices, quotes, […]

Sleep tight, your data is secure, part 2 – Password Storage Security

Here we will explain how your passwords are stored in the system and all about their security. For storing passwords Invoicebus uses something called one-way encryption with salted hash functions. Why is it called one way? Because it can not be decrypted ever, actually it’s not even an encryption. It’s a hash that is completely […]