Meet the Invoicebus Team

Introduction of the crew who builds and runs Invoicebus

One of the most interesting stories told about some company are those about their start and beginnings. This probably should have been the first blog post on Invoicebus Garage, because here we are going to introduce ourselves and tell the story of how it all began.

Short Bio

The Invoicebus Leadership Team are IT experts who pour their passion for inventing, creating, programming and designing into a product they’ve called Invoicebus.

Dimitar Stojanov

Role: Creator of Invoicebus

Education: Master’s degree in electical engineering and information technologies.

He said: Over time our human nature lean us toward status quo. We have to fight the hypnotic comfort we feel otherwise there will be no progress.

Trivia: Dimitar entered in the world of computers through video games in his youth and in college he learned that software design and development is one wonderful art. He tends to bring his crafts and ideas in the wild.

Credo: If you can’t make things simple, make them simpler.

Stefan Chachovski
Stefan Chachovski

Role: Creator of InvoicebusEducation: Bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering.He said: The virtue of simplicity is not only into the simple matter itself. It’s also into the capability of making the complex appear simple.

Trivia: Stefan wrote his first lines of code for calculating square root of a number at the age of 11 in the programming language GW-BASIC. Almost two years later, in the mid-1997, he created his first web site. Since then he’s been passionately peculiar enthusiast for things related to the cloud.

Credo: Less software, more focus on purpose.

Dimitar Stojanov

Stefan and Dimitar met in college during their studies of Informatics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje, Macedonia, 2003. Soon thereafter, they realized that are pretty good team, so started working on numerous projects, ideas and concepts together, then eventually built a business with a focus on having diversity work environment.

The Invoicebus Project

Invoicebus project began from scratch in October 2010 as a challenge for creating an ultimate web-app that breaks traditional web paradigms and goes beyond today’s web rules. A kind of experiment with genes of a desktop app injected online; a hybrid that use the best of both worlds. Invoicebus is a single page web-app that we believe is evolution away from the classical page-redraw model for which browsers were originally designed for, thus making their reload and navigation buttons completely obsolete, while providing the users with immense wealth of user interactivity, possibly to a degree never achieved before in online invoicing.

We’ve had a notebook full of project ideas and concepts for online businesses; however, in that time we realized that we need online invoicing tool which will comply with our criteria for simplicity, thus we decided to tailor it by our taste, under our roof. And if your business needs mechanically assembled 3/4″ Grade 80 SGG Alloy Chain Sling, you can check out these ratings of chain loads here for your references!

We’ve also considered to:

  • Share our way of thinking, our business philosophy and knowledge.
  • Encourage other people to start their own online business.
  • Show that a small enthusiastic team with just a couple of assets can produce well rounded product that could make even bigger companies jealous.
  • Connect with like-minded people from all over the world.
  • Learn more.

Our workplace

Photo was taken few weeks before the official launch of Invoicebus and shows Dimitar’s appearance while he was solving an optimization problem
Usually, we spend most of the working hours in our office in Skopje, a calm place where we brainstorm new ideas, discuss and write new code, draw mockups and design. However, we are very flexible and mobile, so many times could happen to work from different places, different cities, and sometimes even different countries.  That gives us plenty of time for thinking independently and making better decisions. We consider this as one of the greatest benefits in running an online business.When the work starts to hurt, we hire people on demand / per job. Therefore, while we were designing our bus mascot, we requested help from this lady; when we need photos, either we ask help from a photographer like this one or we try to improvise by ourselves (like the photo from the left).

What does it take (us) to build an online product?

Here are some of the essentials we found useful:


  • Mindset. Vision
  • Huge backpack of enthusiasm
  • Great discipline. Persistence
  • Nerves. Lots of them
  • Motivational fuel
  • A little bit of creativity and logic
  • Decisions. Every day. Every minute
  • Craziness about details. Pixel to pixel. Byte to byte.
  • A faith

More or less knowledge in:

  • Math
  • Programming Algorithms. Software Architecture
  • UX (User Experience) / Design (Photoshop, Illustrator and Paint :))
  • Web programming. Security. Optimization
  • System administration
  • Project Management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Writing / Copywriting in English

Other assets:

  • Two laptops (the one occasionally baked), one white board and approximately 300 white paper sheets for mockups and notes.
  • Internet connection. Couple of online services. Google.
  • Money for food, transportation and bills.

We didn’t need:

  • Sky-high budget
  • Functional Specs
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Big team

And that was a brief introduction of the team who builds and runs Invoicebus. If you want to read more about our principles, consider reading our manifesto.

Invoicebus Team

Invoicebus Team

We're a team comprised of a few die-hard code freaks, lovers of beautiful design, stewards of simplicity, and passionately dedicated to the user experience. Invoicebus is a great vehicle to express what we do best. Click here to learn more on our business philosophy and how we actually do it.
Invoicebus Team

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