7 Great Strategies for Finding New Clients Online

Your business will keep developing if you don’t stop making an effort to find new clients. However, becoming a recognized professional takes more than having great skills and qualifications. What’s also important in winning new clients is knowing how to sell your expertise. The omnipresence of the Internet will help you achieve this goal in a more effective way. So, here are some practical strategies for finding new clients and maintaining business success in the future.

1. Search for new clients via social networks

The leisure time you spend on social media can be accompanied by a smooth quest for clients, as well. In line with that, you should devote some of that time looking for your potential clients. For instance, you can use direct search with several keywords that would target those subjects.

Moreover, feel free to join several groups that would be interesting for your business goals and target your clients there.

Apart from that, you can connect with them as a friend or follow their activities. After a while, you can post comments on their posts or react to their comments on other people’s walls.

Finally, it’s wise to mention the businesses you target as your future clients in your own posts. That way, you can say “BestWriters have published a great post”. They’ll get a notification about your post and that will raise their interest in your work, as well.

2. Promote your achievements through social media

Apart from the actions related to your prospective clients’ success, you should promote your own achievements through social media, as well. These two activities should be happening simultaneously. As the chosen clients notice your reactions to their work, they’ll come to visit your social media profiles.

What’s important here is to pack your profiles across different platforms with your achievements. That way, you should publish every single course you finish, every new skill you learn and every new business success you achieve. Certificates, photos, videos, and presentations are all great way of telling your business community about your accomplishments.

Social Network

Additionally, your employees should also share the bright moments of your company. The benefits of this approach will be two-fold. On the one hand, it will increase the visibility of your brand online. On the other, your future clients will see that your employees as loyal to your business – a big bonus for the potential future collaboration.

3. Work on your networking

This one might take more time at the beginning. Simply put, a lower number of network members makes the networking funnel narrow. However, as the number of your connections rises and brings other businesspeople to your network, the funnel will expand.

We’re telling you this to encourage you to stay persistent while building your professional network. Still, the more you expose your business to other ventures, the higher chances you’ll have to convert them into your clients.

As for the types of networks, make business pages in the mainstream social media.

Nevertheless, look for contacts in specialized business networks, such as Linked and other similar websites. Moreover, join a few niche associations, so as to check out what’s going on in your guild. As you keep making connections Webwide, it’s highly likely that you’ll score a higher number of clients, as well.

4. Prepare your elevator pitch

Some businesspeople take every chance to mention their business and land a potential collaboration. While doing this all the time might be a bit annoying, don’t hesitate to use this tactic from time to time.

What’s important to do here is prepare your elevator pitch in advance. In a nutshell, it’s your own concise business story when that will introduce your business to a potential client. It should contain a few striking sentences that will immediately tell the other side who you are.

Moreover, prepare the B-side of that speech. You’ll activate it if you realize that the potential client has become interested in the A-side. The B-side should include giving a business card or taking out your mobile phone and connecting with your client on various online networks.

Having a ready plan for a potential business situation will improve your chances of gaining new clients.

Still, avoid being too pushy and always assess the situation before making a move.

5. Enrich your website

Naturally, every new connection you acquire will first go to your website to check your work. This is why you should keep your website up to date while enriching it with fresh content.

Also, don’t overload your website with too many details, since it will slow down the load time. The client won’t be interested in your pictures from a trade show two years ago, so remove any outdated content.

Here’s what key elements you should pay attention to:

  • The homepage – The first impression your client gets from this page will play a huge role. Hence, make a modern homepage and keep it always updated with your current events.
  • The blog – Regularly published articles containing the current affairs from your niche are a must for every relevant website. Apart from that, write and publish practical texts that will help your readers and potential clients solve their problems.
  • The credentials – Cite the clients you’ve worked with and add their business emblems. Also, make a link to this page from your homepage. What’s more, some businesspeople prefer listing those credential on their homepage – see what suits better for your taste.
  • The contact – Add the physical address and a photo of your business premises. It will show that you’re a genuine business (especially recommended to rookie businesses). Moreover, include your Skype address, telephone number, and links to your business pages on social media. That way, the clients you find will know that you’re an eligible venture.

6. Offer free trials and giveaways

Sometimes it’s necessary just to nudge website visitors to turn them into clients. This is where giving away some free samples of your work comes on stage. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to distribute tangible promotional products.

On the contrary, your online prospects will appreciate getting a chance to try your services for free.

Free Giveaway

In line with that, think about offering free trials to first-time visitors. That way, you’ll attract them to your brand at once. For instance, if you give them a week to test what you’re offering, they’ll get a better insight into the nature of your products.

Apart from that, you can give away some products, as well. Still, this will depend on the type of business and the available shipping options.

7. Check clients’ eligibility

When you’ve found potential new clients, it’s extremely important to check their eligibility. Namely, today you can become a victim of online fraud in no time. Even if a business has a website, it doesn’t mean that they’re eligible for business. For instance, they might be under suspension from the local business administration or the tax authorities.

This is also important when you’re looking for remote suppliers. It would be a shame to order some affordable goods from an international business only to find out that they can’t ship your order.

Therefore, go to the website of the business administration responsible for the region where your potential client is situated. For instance, in the USA that’s the EDGAR program. By typing their company name into the search box, you can see whether or not they can receive money and make payments.

It’s extremely important to make sure that your potential client is legally free to collaborate with other businesses. Otherwise, you might waste your time and resources on a company that can’t meet your needs.


Looking for new clients is much easier today, as a result of the power of the Internet. Working on your branding in social media will definitely help you come across various potential clients. Also, preparing your business story in advance and improving your website will also improve your chances of reaching lucrative business collaborations. Finally, if you give your clients an opportunity to try your services, they’ll get the whole picture of your work. All these strategies will connect you with more potential leads, resulting in a larger number of clients for your business in the future.

Mark Thomasson
Mark is a biz-dev hero at Invoicebus - a simple invoicing service that gets your invoices paid faster. He passionately blogs on topics that help small biz owners succeed in their business. He is also a lifelong learner who practices mindfulness and enjoys long walks in nature more than anything else.
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