What Features Does LinkedIn Offer That Can Help Your Business

LinkedIn is the world’s most outstanding social network for professionals to connect, learn, and exchange ideas. It is a digital platform where experienced entrepreneurs and job seekers can present their skills and attract potential customers.

The key to using LinkedIn is to obtain tremendous awareness and an excellent online presence. Fortunately, it offers elements that can assist freelancers, solopreneurs, and job seekers in developing a brand by presenting their abilities. In this article, we will focus on some of those features and show you how to make the most of them to boost your business.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn is among the largest social networking networks for connecting with others who share your interests. This social media platform primarily focuses on businesses, job opportunities, and everything else. The group can be expanded by bringing together those who talk about business and hold similar ideals.

However, more people than just businesspeople and job seekers use LinkedIn. Use this forum to network with people who can help you advance your career and discuss topics related to your field. You can benefit significantly from it if you can use it effectively. You may improve the planning of a campaign by using the full range of LinkedIn’s marketing features.

Features That LinkedIn Offer to Help Your Business Grow

  1. Lead Gen Forms on Pages

To produce quality leads for your goods or services, the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form is the perfect marketing tool. A LinkedIn ad includes a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. When a user clicks on the call to action in the advertisement, this form automatically gathers the user’s contact information from their LinkedIn profile, resulting in lead generation for you.

With the help of this, marketers can precisely target their audience and produce thousands of high-quality leads from a single advertisement. They also use the data to qualify these leads for the next marketing.

Amazingly, independent contractors can also use this tool to reach their intended audience. You would need a compelling landing page to attract potential customers, followed by an irresistible offer jam-packed with value. After that, introduce the lead generation form to collect their contact information so you may follow up with them and remind them of your offer.

  1. LinkedIn Ads

A LinkedIn ad is put up beside a Lead Gen Form. By creating campaigns, you can increase brand recognition. Using LinkedIn ads to target your audience is quite simple. You can target an audience that is most likely to take action by using this option to streamline your advertising.

Target criteria after choosing an aim to use LinkedIn ads. After that, please select your favorite ad style and input an ad budget to set it up to run. LinkedIn advertising gives you a way to assess the effectiveness of your ad.

  1. Clickable Links in Photos and Videos

A new LinkedIn marketing tool was recently released to aid content creators in increasing their engagement and visibility as brands. You can now include clickable links in your LinkedIn postings that are images or videos. You will be able to promote your brand’s website in this manner.

The only way to add a link sticker to your material is to use LinkedIn on a mobile device with the post-creation tool. Some users still need access to this new marketing option because LinkedIn chose to roll it out gradually. So if you are one of them, have patience. Your LinkedIn experience will soon get better.

  1. LinkedIn Lives

The professional world has witnessed more virtual events in recent years than in the past. Business partners and entrepreneurs now frequently participate in meetings and do business online. You can use this by presenting LinkedIn Lives, streaming content, and interacting with other businesspeople in your network.

LinkedIn Lives enhances your exposure and insights while bringing interaction to your door. Marketers can take advantage of this feature’s strength to host a product launch. Please remind your connections of the events you have scheduled on LinkedIn. Finally, you may let them know when your session goes live and share replays with those who could not make it.

  1. Cover Story and Profile Video

Influencer marketing works well because humans are emotional beings who associate a person with a brand. If you add a profile video and cover story, your clients will get a sense of your personality and develop trust when they browse your LinkedIn profile. The same principles apply to profile videos and video interviews.

You can describe your services and highlight your accomplishments in your profile video. Additionally, it works well for drawing clients’ attention and keeping them on your profile for longer. A profile video and cover story can help you connect with your audience and provide a starting point for a dialogue.

LinkedIn reports that roughly 80% of recruiters think a profile video is significant when choosing and screening candidates for a post. To demonstrate your skills and make a persuasive presentation, a profile video is a terrific tool for job seekers.

  1. LinkedIn Polls

On LinkedIn, creating polls is a creative method to draw users’ attention. With the help of this function, you may interact with your network and let them vote on a shared issue.

People appreciate sharing their opinions, which makes LinkedIn polls excellent conversation starters. If you are clever enough, you could design a poll based on the demands or problems of your potential customers. You then attempt to respond to these queries and address these issues in upcoming blogs.

  1. Visual Posts

Did you know that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? Using LinkedIn carousel posts to share news and updates with your users will help increase engagement, CTR, and impressions. Carousel posts are a popular way for companies to share their knowledge on LinkedIn because they are essential documents you can post to your feed and allow people to scroll through them like a presentation.

Carousel posts are great for posting systematic directions, repurposing blog content, guide articles, and infographics. Although you can upload up to 300 slides in a single carousel, we advise being succinct and to the point.

  1. Creator Mode

Another important function that aids in establishing your professional status on the platform is creator mode. You can inform the audience of what you will be discussing on the platform by using this function. Up to five areas about which you are knowledgeable can be selected, and you can share your thoughts and information on them.

Instead of discussing random subjects, you should talk about specific issues that concern your service. If you want to make the most of this feature, you should start by understanding how to create original and well-planned LinkedIn articles to draw in the proper audience.

Enhance Your LinkedIn Visibility

LinkedIn is unique compared to other social networking networks due to a set of guiding principles. To increase your visibility on LinkedIn, you must provide material geared toward professionals. It is best to conduct some studies to learn what functions on the platform. Finally, your LinkedIn profile must be optimized to flourish on this platform. You can also improve your LinkedIn lead generation by scraping LinkedIn profile data from prospects.

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