Get Paid Online
8 Ways to Ensure You Get Paid After Every Project
For most employees, getting paid is a monthly ritual, offering a certain amount of security that money will come in. For freelancers and business owners, it’s unfortunately not so simple. 
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modern payment methods
6 Modern Payment Methods That Companies Should Know About
To stay ahead of the curve, here are some modern payment methods all businesses should know about. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good place to start.
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How to Set Up A Reliable In-House Payment System
Thinking about your own online business? You are going to make a lot of decisions. One of the most important things to consider: should you rely on third-party payment systems or build your own from scratch?
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Using Machine Learning to Optimize Subscription Billing
Optimize subscription billing systems by using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The strategy is effective in reducing invoice failure rate, rendering a personalized & hassle-free user experience, and generating higher revenue.
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Billing and Debt Collection
Tips to Help Startups Manage Billing and Debt Collection
Are billing and debt collection giving you a stinging headache? It takes blood, sweat, and tears to deliver excellent work as a startup. You need to streamline how you get paid so that you focus on your core processes.
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Positive dunning process
How to Turn Dunning Process into a Positive Customer Experience
Didn’t someone complete a payment? Do you have to send a reminder? You have to turn to dunning, and everyone has a negative attitude towards it. But guess what: you can turn dunning into a positive customer experience!
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Streamline the billing process
Ways to Streamline Your Company’s Billing Process
Getting your clients to pay you is not so easy especially when you start a new business. Read below how to choose the right tools, build a billing process and set red flags when it comes to collecting payments.
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How to Find an Optimal Money Back Guarantee Policy in Software Industry
Selling software brings numerous benefits to the vendor, but it might also demand a specific money back guarantee. Follow our tips and find the model that will work best for your software business.
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Online Invoice Payments
Why Online Invoice Payments are the Future
Still waiting for your invoice payments several days before they arrive in your bank account? Read on to find out why online invoice payments are the future of the invoicing process.
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How Can Freelancers Get Paid without Delays
Freelancers need to ensure getting paid on time, to retain their financial stability. Find out more about some effective strategies that will keep your payments in order.
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