Amplify Your Ecommerce Marketing with These 9 Video Content Ideas

If you’re struggling with getting your customers’ attention, then it’s time you produce some killer video content.

Amplify your e-commerce marketing with these seven content ideas.

1. Stories

Stories are seconds-long posts that disappear after 24 hours. They can be videos, images, photos, etc., and be overlaid with filters, GIFs, and other objects.

Stories are great for creating effective social media marketing campaigns. They capture your customers’ attention, evoke a sense of urgency, and entertain viewers, among others.

Use stories on Facebook and Instagram to showcase your company culture, activities, products on sale, and more.

Cinnabon shows us how they did it:

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
Cinnabon posted a story on Breyers creating ice cream flavors and recipes inspired by their bakery, such as Breyers Cinnabon Affogato. It even added GIFs and text graphics for a fun vibe.

Get creative with your stories. If you’re using them as social ads, pick the best format, insert compelling CTAs and links to the right landing pages, and post at ideal times.

2. Tutorials

Teach your viewers how to operate your product through tutorials. Doing this lets you give value to your audience, motivating them to consume more of your video content.

It also helps hesitant buyers see how using the item is achievable for them and, consequently, influences their buying decisions.

Here’s how Luxy Hair published video tutorials:

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
Luxy Hair explained and taught how beginners can create three-strand braids, with cheery background beats for a livelier video.

On the other hand, Tresemmé filmed its braids tutorial through a demonstrative interview.

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
Featuring actress Meghan Reinks’ braids, the brand showed its stylist, John D., tipping off viewers to finish off their look with Tresemmé’s mist hair spray.

Video tutorials are also useful for companies with virtual products. Ecommerce platforms, for instance, post videos to teach beginners how to set up their store, integrate apps, and more.

Shopify, for instance, creates various animated help videos, such as on connecting third-party domains, adding policy stores, and more:

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
Use video tutorials to increase your traffic, sales and conversions, and buyer patronage and engagement.

3. Webinars

People join webinars to learn more about a niche topic, set of techniques, or products. Leverage them to introduce your product and elaborate on its capacities.

To do that, plan your webinar flow and product presentation. Offer value by highlighting your customers’ pain points and how your product solves them.

Next, choose a webinar platform with functionalities for specific needs, such as presentation boards, social media live streaming, etc.

You can even use video conferencing software, some of which have features ideal for digital training. Consider also some knowledge commerce platforms used for online courses.

Promote your webinar by sending email invitations to your subscribers, announcing it in advance on your social page, and creating pop-ups on your site, among others.

4. Product Kit Reveals

Excite your customers for what you have in store through product kit reveals. Feature a set of items every month according to your chosen theme.

It can be products that are best for summer, can help moisturize dry skin, create a fashionable Christmas outfit, and more.

So Susan, for instance, reveals its Color Curate box in animated videos with upbeat background music, like this:

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
Vegan Cuts also gives monthly beauty, makeup, or snack boxes filled with vegan products.

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
In this snack box video example, Russell of Vegan Cuts introduces the items one by one, explaining what he loved about the products, how easy it was to prepare them, etc.

Aside from grouping together items by themes, you can use this tip to cluster top- and low-selling products and increase your sales and margins fast.

Additionally, engage your viewers, converse casually, and highlight the benefits. This lets you connect meaningfully with your audience and convince them more easily to get your products.

5. Industry Expert Interviews

Create Q& A videos on niche topics your customers often ask about. Interview industry experts to generate interest in your content, draw in more viewers, and increase engagement.

For instance, if you’re selling health and wellness items, hold discussions with a life coach to educate your audience about improving their personal fitness.

Here’s another example by Skinceuticals, which hosted Talk Skin to Me:

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
The video series features the brand’s skincare physicians applying treatments to their significant other, while explaining the benefits of the formulation, procedure, etc.

With info straight from credible individuals, expert interviews offer your viewers immense value and help persuade them to take your offers.

6. Brand Videos

Convey your vision and mission, company culture, personality, and products or services through brand videos.

Doing this helps your customers understand your ethos, connect with your brand more deeply, and trust your product quality and sincerity in your service delivery.

Check out GoldieBlox’s sample:

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
GoldieBlox creates toys and games for girls to develop their interest in problem-solving, science, and engineering at a young age.

Their video shows three girls who got bored watching a pink-dressed, princess-like trio on TV and proceeded to build their Rube Goldberg machine instead.

Challenging the stereotype of girls playing only with dolls, etc., Goldberg presents young, feminine engineers that will build the future, which is what their toys are all about.

With videos like this, you can build your e-commerce brand, heighten awareness, traffic and buyer patronage, and deliver powerful messages.

7. Influencer Tips and Reviews

Influencer marketing is among the most popular e-commerce marketing strategies because it gives businesses massive customer reach and ROI in sales and profit.

Partner with famous influencers that relate to your niche and hold the same values as you do. Then, sponsor their videos that provide tips, product reviews, and others.

Supergoop, for example, works with SoothingSista in a sponsored video:

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
SoothingSista tells her followers the advantages of Supergoop makeup and shows how to apply it for a natural-looking yet glamorous look.

Partner with influencers for these videos, and you can easily widen your brand exposure and make the most out of your marketing budget.

8. Brand or Product Comparisons

Create a video that compares your product with that of other common brands. This lets you showcase how your product outranks theirs in various aspects.

That’s what Blue Buffalo did in a video featuring two women who bought different cat food brands. one used Blue Buffalo; the other Purina Fancy Feast.

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
The narrator asked the two ladies to read out loud the ingredients. Blue Buffalo emphasized how it specified what was in its cat food, leaving no confusion, unlike Purina Fancy Feast.

This technique lets you show your viewers the credibility and superiority of your product, convincing them to choose your brand over your competitors.

9. Celebrity Features

Feature prominent persons in your industry to share tips, trade secrets, or anything about themselves. These people can be influencers, vloggers, celebrities, artists, etc.

Doing this catches your audience’s interest and attention because everyone wants to know more about their favorite personalities or see them do fun stuff.

You can even feature famous persons who are avid users of your product. Smashbox did that with pop music artist Ariel Beesley on their series, In the Makeup Chair:

Video Content Ideas for better e-commerce marketing
In the video, Beesley shares how she’s been a Smashbox user since she was 13 and how she likes the brand’s feel-like-nothing full coverage foundation.

Amplify your e-commerce marketing with videos now.

Capitalize on video content to promote your e-commerce store. With these ideas, you can convey your message and capture your audiences effectively.


Align your video content with your marketing goals and target audience and be creative. In time, you’ll reap the rewards and catapult your performance if you don’t give up on video marketing.

Mark Thomasson
Mark is a biz-dev hero at Invoicebus - a simple invoicing service that gets your invoices paid faster. He passionately blogs on topics that help small biz owners succeed in their business. He is also a lifelong learner who practices mindfulness and enjoys long walks in nature more than anything else.
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