5 Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Online

The crisis in the economy and many other negative factors that exist in our society have led to the fact that a large number of people are looking for a day-for-the-day answer to the popular question: “How to make some money without big investments?”. Unfortunately, some when looking at the idea of starting their own company think that it is too a complicated, and too unrealistic idea.

Nevertheless, it is very much possible and there are some facts that prove that point:

  • A real business with minimal investments exists, and there are many examples such;
  • Everyone probably has an idea that has not yet been realized by anyone else … And if you stand still, someone else will implement it;
  • There are a lot of business-minded people. Every day, a new entrepreneur appears who would recall how things were difficult they were just starting out and who would advise not to give up, to seek new business ideas and new solutions.

How to start an online business

Starting your own online career means having a set of completely different personal qualities.

1. Goal setting

This is the most important point. In the absence of a goal, a novice entrepreneur will lack a measure of success.

Having a dream and purpose allow you to overcome difficulties, solve emerging problems, find the best methods and ways to meet the needs of customers while earning money.

2. Risk management

Especially at the initial stage, it is necessary to pay very careful attention to financial investments and use of borrowed funds. The optimal solution will be to budget the costs and strictly adhere to it.

3. Psychological attitude

It is very important not to overestimate or undermine your own capabilities, knowledge, and skills. Many people want quick success and are not ready for difficulties and problems.

Patience and the right psychological attitude will help an entrepreneur to go through all periods of ups and downs.

4. Starting small

A career in business means a long distance journey. All well-known multimillionaires started their way with a small business like with designing an essay plagiarism checker and such, gradually expanding and learning from their mistakes.

5. Choosing the right idea

It is important to start your entrepreneurial activity from a direction in which you are well versed. Otherwise, it will take a considerable amount of time to study the specifics of a product or service, evaluate the competitive environment, buying preferences, which can negatively affect the development of business at the initial stage.

How to come up with online business ideas with low investment

Tip 1. You should like your idea

In the opinion of experts, you can truly excel if you do something that you love. This is something that some great minds like Steve Jobs said.

Tip 2. Your business idea should be lucrative

In addition to personal interests and preferences, there are market trends. Consider them when choosing an idea, because you want to start your company not only for pleasure but also to make some money.  You can very much like to knit hats for hamsters, but in this niche, you cannot earn much.

Tip 3. Your idea must be unique

Yes, in the 21st century, it is difficult to invent something fundamentally new. However, you must clearly understand how your product/service will be different from that of competitors.

It is worth taking into account that if you are not unique, you will merge with other representatives of your niche. In this case, customers will not care whether to buy from you or your competitors.

Your task is to interest customers, make them remember you and buy from you again. Only this way can you earn big money. Your uniqueness can lie, for example, in the price or properties of the goods.

Tip 4. Use personal experience and skills

Innate or acquired competencies can help you in the matter, even if you do not like them. For example, if you worked as a waiter, think of opening up your own cafe.

Tip 5. Your idea must be legal and moral

We do not assume the functions of a supreme court, but we do not approve of illegal types of earnings and do not write articles about them.

We hope that these tips will help you determine the scope of your business. And now, having looked through the golden pages of the Internet, where young businessmen share their findings, we have identified five real online business ideas that can be easily implemented, and that do not require big investments.

Top 5 low-investment business ideas for online business

1. Dropshipping

Build a business based on the dropshipping model. In this case, storing and delivering your products will be done by a third-party organization. You will only have to worry about sales.

You can start selling in your online store products from different suppliers, united by one idea and focused on a specific niche, for example, mats for lovers of yoga. When a customer buys a product from you, the order will be sent to the supplier who delivers it on your behalf.

At the same time, you can work with local and foreign suppliers. The main thing is to build trust with them. After all, any supplier mistakes will negatively affect your brand.

But this approach has its drawbacks. You will not offer a branded product, which means that you will have to compete with many other entrepreneurs. Only high-quality service and marketing will help you stand out.

Dropshipping is the ideal model for starting an online business. It will let you save on the warehousing and delivery of goods, and will also provide an opportunity to study the market before investing in your own product. The main rule is to always first order the goods for yourself, assess their quality and reliability of the supplier.

2. T-shirt printing on demand

In the framework of this business idea, you also delegate the storage, delivery, and collection of orders to a third-party organization – a supplier. But in this case, you offer a personalized product with a unique design.

T-shirts, baseball caps, phone cases, sweatshirts, skirts, bags – anything can become a canvas for your creativity. It is worthwhile to focus on a certain community of consumers: cat lovers or programmers. Create funny labels, use popular memes. If you are not a designer, freelance exchanges will help you find a partner.

The print format on demand means that you will place an order for one clothes item at a time, which means that the cost will be higher than in the case of wholesale ordering. However, there are advantages to it. If some clothes design is not in demand, you will not lose money.

3. Network Marketing

This type of online business often does not require any initial investment either for the purchase of goods, for renting a warehouse, nor for finding suppliers and working with them. All that is required is the desire to earn money and finding a suitable company with a multi-level marketing structure.

To begin with, you can cooperate with a well-known enterprise, as well as a small company. There are pros and cons in either case. It is more convenient to work with a well-known brand, because its products are trusted but there, you will have to start from the bottom and become a link in someone’s network. It is easier to work with an unknown brand, where you can become one of the founders and build up your own branches of the network. However, you will also have to work harder to promote goods, as you will actually have to prove to people the privileges of your goods.

4. Charitable business

Charity and business may well coexist. Entrepreneurs can make the world better and at the same time make some good money.

You can choose any business model described above, or create your own product while cooperating with a charitable organization. Another option is to do good on behalf of the brand.

The main thing is to observe absolute transparency. Tell your customers how many good things they have done by choosing your business. For this, blogging is the best way to go.

5. Service

If you offer a service, the main investment is your time, as you are limited by the number of hours in a day.

Do you have any demanded skills? Then starting your own business is not difficult. Copywriters, designers, developers, photographers, coaches and other professionals can earn on their knowledge and skills.

To increase the income, the business ideas described above are also suitable. For example, a photographer can receive additional profit from selling postcards.


Starting your own online business is not difficult, as it does not always require large investments. Use these business ideas for your inspiration and fulfill your dreams! No more waiting start your online shop with these low-cost startup ideas.

Mark Thomasson
Mark is a biz-dev hero at Invoicebus - a simple invoicing service that gets your invoices paid faster. He passionately blogs on topics that help small biz owners succeed in their business. He is also a lifelong learner who practices mindfulness and enjoys long walks in nature more than anything else.
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