Passive Income: How to Create Multiple Streams of It

Those earnings can be divided into the active and passive income. The former refers to your regular job and the money it brings. On the other hand, passive income is generated through “passive” activities and products. While you have to invest some work and time in such activities, after some time they start generating income on their own. In this piece, we’ll discuss the most suitable sources of passive income for modern online webpreneurs.

Evaluate your skills

One of the key prerequisites for reaching steady passive income is to evaluate your skills. Obviously, your main goal here is to make a profit in the simplest way possible. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze what you can do without gaining any additional knowledge.

For instance, if you’re proficient in one or several foreign languages, you can start teaching online. As the number of your students keeps growing, you can hire other teachers and serve as the middleman between the students and the teachers. At the same time, you should retain a certain number of students, to ensure your active income, as well. That way, you will arrange a continuous inflow of assets from both active and passive sources.

The same principle should be practiced in every niche.

Lower initial rates for market breakthrough

Whatever streams of income you decide to opt for, you need to take into consideration some basic market principles. For instance, if you’re a rookie in that area, you’ll have to lower your initial rates for a faster breakthrough. In order to get familiar with the condition of that market, you should conduct your own research. Here’s how you can check what rates are competitive in the field you choose for your passive income:

  • Visiting forums – Google will be your closest ally in this quest. For instance, the teacher from the first paragraph should type “teaching X language online – rates/prices”. Visiting and joining several forums will provide you with enough data to form your own price.
  • Facebook groups – Social media are great indicators of economic trends. You can find out more about the chosen market if you follow a couple of Facebook groups discussing that field, plus you could even get an idea for a new stream of passive income.
  • Freelancing platforms – Even if you don’t want to work via these websites, they can still provide you with a fair insight into the current affairs in your desired field.

However, keeping your rates on a low level should only be a temporary measure. As new customers keep pouring in, feel free to gradually increase your price, i.e. your passive income.

Passive income and time organization

Before you make a single practical move towards going for passive income, it’s good to know that the preparatory actions are all but passive. For instance, Pat Flynn invested 80-100 work hours a week before he established a lucrative business story for a passive income. So, you shouldn’t expect that you’ll reach success over night, but work step by step to get there.

Here it’s important to organize your time from the very beginning of your business quest. For example, decide how many hours a day you can spend working on various streams of your passive income. That way, you can work two hours before switching to your regular work and then again a few hours after you finish your core business tasks.

As for the weekends, plan in advance your work hours, so as to create a gap for some leisure time. That way, you’ll be more productive and reach your passive-income goals sooner.

Also, it’s important to hold on to a productive mindset and think about your objectives all the time.

Smaller streams for less stress

The aforementioned 80-100 work hours a week are feasible if you’re a true daredevil trying to live only off your passive income. Still, you don’t have to go that far when you’re just at the beginning. As a matter of fact, the winning combination for beginners aiming at steady passive income is having a regular job and putting a passive-income into practice as they go.

That way, they should determine a certain goal for that passive income, earnings-wise. For instance, let’s say that you want to reach $500 a month – or $125 a week – from those additional earnings in a particular period of time.

For instance, the teacher from the example above could for starters make money mediating between students and teachers. However, as time goes by, the next step is to create an online course based on their personal experience.

Now that you’ve set your income goal, it’s easier to organize your time and business activities.

Offer some knowledge for free

As we’ve already said, it’s extremely important to offer your future customers a bait they’ll grab at first sight. In addition to lower initial rates, you can divide your website content or a course you create into a free and a premium section. The former will popularize it, while the latter will bring earnings.

Nevertheless, you need to know that it’s difficult to monetize everything on the Internet these days. Thousands of websites offer valuable free materials. Also, Internet users have their own ways to get what they like online.

For all these reasons, always offer some knowledge you have for free. For instance, if you charge attending the online course you’ve made, write an e-book with some special tips on that subject that will provide a new value to your customers.

This mixture of free and premium options will raise interest in your services, ensuring an inflow of new clients and continuous passive income.

Adding pleasure to passive income

If you consider passive income only as an additional source of income, think about doing something that brings a certain level of pleasure, as well. This is where you could monetize some skill that you already possess. For instance, if you know a lot about music equipment or knives, you could start your little trade business buying pieces at lower rates and selling them at higher prices.

Moreover, you could shape your experience into a blog or a website. When it starts bringing money through ads, direct selling or affiliate marketing, you could rest on laurels and reap the fruits of your previous work.


Relying only on one source of income is not recommended for a modern business person. Luckily, the online environment offers numerous options for additional earnings. This is why working on passive income can help you improve your business and gain assets to make further investments. So, study the tips given in this article and find the best way to create several sources of passive income.

Mark Thomasson
Mark is a biz-dev hero at Invoicebus - a simple invoicing service that gets your invoices paid faster. He passionately blogs on topics that help small biz owners succeed in their business. He is also a lifelong learner who practices mindfulness and enjoys long walks in nature more than anything else.
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