Task Automation – 5 Hacks for Smoother Work Process

When you’re planning to start a new business, it’s extremely important to bring a clear work organization strategy even before you register the enterprise. In line with that, you need to research how to reduce the expenses and increase productivity from day one. One of the most practical ways to do that is to use task automation whenever possible. From automated email replies to time tracking and taxation, the more work you automate, the more time you’ll have for your main business tasks and leisure. In the following five paragraphs you’ll learn what you can automate in your business and how to do that.

Employee tracking and scheduling automation

Hopefully, you won’t be able to handle the entire workload all by yourself when your business starts growing. As a result, you’ll need to hire additional stuff, which will lead to new challenges, management-wise. If you don’t show assertiveness from the very beginning of your small business tenure, you might experience different issues with productivity.

What’s extremely important at this stage is to introduce proper employee tracking and scheduling. For starters, you can rely on the Deputy software tool. At the cost of $1, you’ll get a reliable solution with an intuitive interface. It will enable you to automate the scheduling process in accordance with your employees’ preferences. What’s more, you’ll also manage to track the time they spend working on your projects.

Also, there are some more expensive packages within deputy for more advanced management features.

Delegating paperwork

A survey conducted by Service Now shows that about 80% of business owners have issues with work organization, especially in terms of paperwork.

In order not to become one of them, you need to learn what tasks to delegate or outsource before you launch your business.

First and foremost, you should leave the accounting part either to an experienced bookkeeper or to accounting software. The key features regarding automation are automated billing by the dates you set and integration with your bank account, as well as tax calculations.

Apart from that, you might want to delegate some parts of project management to software tools, as well. For starters, you can rely on Google Calendar and its management elements at the beginning of your small business career. It will allow you to follow your workers’ progress and collaborate with them on different projects. The option to connect this feature with other parts of G Suite will accelerate your work process and enable you to achieve integrated work automation.

Semi-automated customer support emails

Sending email templates to your customers when they’ve turned to you when they have a problem with your product is never a good idea. However, writing an email from scratch for every new customer will take a lot of time and energy, especially if you’re the owner and the only worker of your business.

Therefore, you can choose two ways of dealing with email automation.

On the one hand, you can go for a semi-automated approach to email. What you’ll do in this case is write a template that contains some generic phrases, but you’ll leave some marked space, as well. Then you’ll fill that space with the details related to that particular issue.

Creating and saving a few email templates with clearly highlighted places for personalized information is a great way to partly automate your customer support.

Alternatively, you can create a group of templates for each of your clients. Those small, customized databases will speed up the communication process with your customers and improve their satisfaction with your customer service.

If you apply this strategy, you’ll write and send top-notch business emails and your customers will be provided with proper solutions for their issues in the fastest time possible.

Payroll on auto-pilot

Hiring new people is a big step for your business, but it might be a demanding task for you as the business owner. This is mainly so due to the paperwork regarding the payroll. You need to register your workers at the local work administration and take care of their health insurance and retirement plans. Moreover, you’ll have to deal with their vacations, special days off work etc.

Also, in some countries, you’re obliged to pay the tax on your employees’ income. In some others, they get their gross salary and take care of their income taxes by themselves.

All these elements might distract you from performing your core business tasks properly.

Because of that, you should automate as many payroll features as possible. Luckily, today you can count on numerous online payroll services and their automated features. Your task is only to enter your employees’ personal data and their payments. The software you choose will generate all the aforementioned details and keep them saved so that you can access them when necessary.

Special offers for random visitors

Since your website will be one of your most important business weapons, make sure to charge it with efficient ammunition. Translated to lead generation and work automation – offer your visitors some automated freebies in order to inspire them to become your regular customers.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t use an aggressive tactic here, because that might have a counterproductive effect. What’s wise is to launch a special pop-up window with that offer only to visitors who spend a particular amount of time on your website – say, 20 seconds. Similarly, this pop-up offer can be triggered by scrolling or similar activity on the website.

The point of this form of automation is to nudge the visitors who are already in the process of becoming a lead that they should continue what they’re doing and become the active users of your brand.


People who are thinking about launching a small business need to cover a lot of bases if they want their venture to succeed. Despite numerous challenges and risks, one thing is for sure – it’s much easier to focus on your core business tasks when you know you can automate some of the operations. So, apply the tips provided in this text on your business and you’ll improve your productivity. Also, don’t stop there, but keep on searching for new options that will make your business a lucrative and efficient enterprise through modern task automation.

Mark Thomasson
Mark is a biz-dev hero at Invoicebus - a simple invoicing service that gets your invoices paid faster. He passionately blogs on topics that help small biz owners succeed in their business. He is also a lifelong learner who practices mindfulness and enjoys long walks in nature more than anything else.
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