Why You Should Invoice Online

Launching your own business is a brave and daring move. When you take into consideration all the financial and legal obligations a business owner has to deal with, working for others looks less demanding.

Nevertheless, the contentment coming from navigating your own enterprise through the challenging business space is a unique feeling.

In order to make that satisfaction a constant in your professional life, you should consider including some modern software tools in your financial procedures, such as online invoices and payment automation.

Online invoicing and billing

Never late, always correct

Sending invoices via snail mail takes a lot of time. Apart from that, you can forget to send them when your clients expect to receive them. Such mistakes can lead to misunderstandings with your clients and business associates, affecting your mutual trust. With software-enhanced invoicing, you won’t have to deal with those issues anymore.

Moreover, when invoicing is done in a traditional way, the risk of miscalculating payments and expenses are also higher. Adding or removing only one number can cause serious problems when it comes to payments. On the other hand, billing your clients through online tools saves you from being exposed to such mishaps.

Accessible from different platforms

The current pace of business life is such that you can never tell where you will be when you have to resolve some payment difficulties.

Now imagine that you’re attending a business conference in another town when you receive a phone call from your office. There’s a serious issue with an invoice of one of your most important clients. You have to leave the conference, call your office and the client, so as to see what you can do remotely – probably not too much. So, you won’t be able to follow the conference and you might even have to travel back home sooner than planned. And if all this is happening abroad, this invoice might be more expensive than the business project in question.

But if you can simply access that invoice via your smartphone and check what went wrong with it, you will save yourself all this hassle. The greatest advantage that comes from invoice software tools is the option to send, receive, correct and edit every single invoice from anywhere you might be at the moment of invoice emergency.

A touch of professionalism

Even though business owners and their employees can make a unique invoice template on a piece of paper, it’s different when you generate a custom invoice with a software tool. What’s more, invoicing online enables you to combine the advantages of email marketing and swift invoice sending, in a joint business effort.

Firstly, each and every email you send needs to contain your business signature. This is the basic information about your business, such as its logo, the physical address, and the website address. For instance, when you distribute your invoices via email, the inclusion of this special marketing feature will add to the impact of the sent invoice.

In addition to that, when this signature becomes a part of your special invoicing online system, your business will look even more professional. That way, different clients will notice that you’re a highly committed business entity. In return, such details might nudge them to work more closely with you.

Better work organization

Let’s assume that a business owner won’t perform all the invoicing and accounting actions by themselves. As your venture starts growing, the need for new employees will also be on the rise.

With an increased number of clients and business projects, you will have to hire an accountant and more employees for your finance department. However, when the number of people working on the same task is rising, it’s more likely that they will make mistakes if the work process isn’t well organized. Consequently, the deadlines you agreed might be missed, which could lead to damaged reputation.

As opposed to that, all those problems and workflow hiccups can be dodged when your invoices are generated and delivered via the Internet. Firstly, every single person, from the business owner to the ordinary employee will be able to create invoices. Secondly, if anything regarding billing and paying changes, electronic invoices can be easily altered and synced in accordance with new business conditions.

Finally, by using this option, the entire work process will be much faster, contributing to better cash and task flow.

Real-time financial orientation

When you start using an invoice solution, you’ll be able to track all your business expenses and receivables. If you’re using e-banking solutions, you know how it works.

With this new tool at the reach of your hand, it’s possible to make some serious financial plans. For instance, you want to upgrade your current office equipment, but you’re not sure if you’ll have enough assets for that purchase in the long run. Just start the invoice tool and check if you’re expecting any payments soon.

Similarly, you’ll also find out whether or not those receivables need to rest on your account, to cover any of your due payments. As you can see, being able to get an instant insight into your financial record and due obligations will change the way you use your assets and plan your future investments.

Proper notification of clients

An accountant or a secretary can forget to inform a client that their payment date is due. Employees are often under hard pressure, so this is something that can happen to anyone.

However, such things can harm your business deals.

In order to spare your employees all that stress and retain smooth business communication with your clients, use invoice reminder options built in your software. When businesspeople are reminded gradually and gently that they will soon have some payments to make, it will bring better results than sudden or aggressive reminders. Even when some of your clients become debtors, you have to retain polite communication.

These are the basics of online business etiquette, so try as hard as you can to apply them to your work strategies.

Clients communication

Improved collaboration with debtors

You might think that the worst situation your business will experience is having debtors. However, if in such a situation, you’re only halfway there. The most horrifying situation is not being able to get the money you’ve earned outside the court. This is why it’s always smarter and faster to reach a compromise with a debtor, instead of suing them.

On the other hand, your debtors will not take your warnings seriously, unless you have some firm proof of your invoices and the entire business collaboration. While printed invoices are also valid pieces of evidence, online invoices offer more options, the most important being that they’ve received it.

Therefore, when using an invoice tool, switch on the delivery report feature. When you can prove how many times you’ve sent your debtor an invoice, the other side will come to reason and try to make a settlement.

Global business collaboration

Yes, international companies collaborated before the Internet was launched, let alone software invoice tools. Still, if you try to establish an international business collaboration using traditional financial methods, you’ll be swept away by competition.

For instance, if there are ten rival companies in your town, working in the same field as you and all of them use online invoicing, your chances are already extremely low. Translated to the global context, where everything is happening at much faster pace, you can’t survive without modern financial solutions.

So, when your business associate from Tokyo wants to pay you for the services you’ve done for them, you simply email them an invoice and they receive it immediately. After that, they transfer the money to your account through one of the reliable global payment services.

This is what business management and collaboration should look like today – fast, efficient and error-free.

Easier outsourcing

When it comes to invoices and online payments for different business projects, advisors often forget to point out how important they are for outsourcing companies. Today you can hire employees from every single part of the world. At first, this option was used mainly by IT-companies.

However, as the quality and availability of software tools for various professions are improving, there are more opportunities for professionals from different fields of work to find their employers and employees on the Web.

In line with that, when you’ve reached an agreement with a company to work for them online, you will have to register your small business or agency and start getting your payments. Here’s where online invoicing comes on stage. Now that millions of employees and employers can exchange their payments online, a whole realm of possibilities opens for all of us trying to make a career (and a living) on the Internet.

What’s more, such flexibility and openness of the global labor market don’t attach you strictly to one client. On the contrary, find as many clients you can and utilize the benefits of online invoicing and paying opportunities.

Increased ecological awareness

Companies worldwide are reducing the use of paper and moving to a paperless office. If we all want this initiative to succeed, it’s essential that every single business working nowadays accepts this strategy.

Printed invoices, on the other hand, generate a whole string of eco-unfriendly moves.

First and foremost, they waste paper. Apart from that, those paper invoices have to be kept in folders and registers, as well as sent out in envelopes, so there’s triple-layered damage to the environment.

Secondly, paper invoices are usually kept in file cabinets or on office shelves, which are both made of wood. Sometimes they’re made of plastic, but that’s an even worse option.

Thirdly, when you ditch printed invoices and embrace their electronic counterparts, the only resource you use is electricity and some cloud space.

So, when you abandon the habit of using printed invoices, your business will get closer to the modern community of ecologically aware enterprises.

Time-saving perks

Above all the aforementioned reasons for using online invoices, it all comes down to the efficient use of time.

You don’t have to go and buy invoices forms or wait for them to be delivered. Today you just choose your invoice-generating software solution and use its benefits. Also, invoices aren’t handwritten anymore but created by those software solutions.

The person in charge of invoices only has to type in the data about the client and the rest is mere automation. What’s more, you can save the sent invoices, so as to keep them as templates for the future business deals with the client in question. That way, it’s possible to create and save an unlimited number of electronic invoices on your hard disk or cloud storage account.

Just think about the time you’d have to spend writing all those paper invoices and saving them in cabinets, drawers, and shelves. From this point of view, it looks as if those methods are old at least a couple of centuries. So, leave them behind and go for online invoices.

Invaluable uniformity

Nowadays, global business has become a merciless battlefield where only the most adaptable ones will survive. With the increased importance of polite business communication and template-based correspondence, every modern business should try to conform to those rules as much as possible.The greatest level of conformity is uniformity. Click To Tweet

Since there are strict forms for every sort of business communication, there has to be a standard method of making and delivering invoices.

Since there are strict forms for every sort of business communication, there has to be a standard method of making and delivering invoices.

After all, these financial reports transfer some important information, just like any other business messages. When this message is made in accordance with some general rules, it will be well understood by every single business owner in the world. If your business accepts universal rules and works in accordance with them, you’ll have better chances to reach success on the global market.

Therefore, opt for online invoices and bring uniformity to your finances.

The times are rapidly changing and no one knows it better than business owners. Lured into buying a huge variety of management and communication tools, they often can’t figure out which ones they actually need.

Since global business cooperation is growing very fast, reliable and fast invoicing solutions are among the most important modern business tools. For all the reasons described in this piece, make online invoices a part of your software crew and get ready for your future business deals.

Mark Thomasson
Mark is a biz-dev hero at Invoicebus - a simple invoicing service that gets your invoices paid faster. He passionately blogs on topics that help small biz owners succeed in their business. He is also a lifelong learner who practices mindfulness and enjoys long walks in nature more than anything else.
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