Feature Preview 3: The Invoice Editor

The Invoice Editor is the most powerful tool of Invoicebus, designed to provide users with highest degree of interactivity during the invoice creation process.

The invoice editor of Invoicebus is “What You See Is What You Get” tool for creating fast and easy invoices, and at the same time, centralized place for management of other data like:

  • Your company details
  • Your logo
  • Invoice options
    • Issue Date
    • Net Terms / Due Date
    • Currency
    • P.O. Number
    • Description
    • Color Theme
  • Clients (Create New, Search, Edit, Delete)
  • Invoice Title and Number
  • Items (Create New, Search, Edit, Assign Tax, Delete)
  • Taxes (Create New, Edit, Delete)
  • Default Terms & Notes (Set / Edit)

We spent a lot of time to raise this concept on a level that allows incredibly natural, fast and focused flow of the invoicing process as a whole. You can see it in action from this video:

The main concept here is to rid of all separate management pages, screens, pop-ups, back and forth navigation, page reloads; and instead, to integrate all assets on the same page, accessible exactly when and where you need. The result is uninterrupted workflow experience with significantly increased speed and focus.

Invoice Editor - New Invoice

Invoice editor for creating
and editing invoices

Invoice Editor - View Invoice

View of already created invoice
Invoice Editor - PDF Invoice

Invoice in PDF format
Download the example in PDF
Sample of Invoice sent by email

Invoice shown in the client’s inbox

Printed Invoice

Printed version of the invoice

Notification that the invoice has been viewed

Email notification that the invoice
has been viewed by the client

After creating your first invoice, Invoicebus learns all settings by himself and automatically applies them in future.

Feel free to try it by yourself and see how it works. Thereafter, leave a comment of how much time you needed to make your first invoice. We would be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Steve Jons says:

    I’m a freelancer and I use an invoice generator tool to send invoices to my clients. It’s a great way to look professional and get paid quickly. I can also use the tool to track my income and expenses.