Sleep tight, your data is secure, part 4 – Payment Processing Security

One of the most critical part of Invoicebus is the payment processing of your purchases, but don’t worry we have that covered for you.

Update: Since March 11th 2013, Invoicebus has switched to as an authorized payment processor. Read more here.

Invoicebus is built to make you feel comfortable while doing your business, as we shown you with our previous security posts. First and foremost we have to emphasize that for processing payments we’re using third party payment processor gateway Moneybookers (soon to be rebranded to Skrill), so that means your financial transactions are secure and Invoicebus don’t have a clue about your credit card information. Look for card payment providers that offer customizable solutions and compare them. Skrill is the most famous European payment processor with headquarters in London, UK; have over 24.5 million users at the time of writing this and is still growing with about 100 000 new users every weak.

Here is short description about Skrill from their site:

“Skrill (Moneybookers) is the secure way to pay globally without revealing your financial details. With just your email address, you can send and spend with over 100 payment options, including all major credit and debit cards, in 200 countries.”

Simplified flow of your payment process look like this:
Skrill payment process
If you’re wondering what is going on in the picture, here is the explanation:

  1. From Invoicebus you are redirected to secure Skrill web page. From there you can make your payment with various credit and debit cards;
  2. After you make your payment Skrill contacts your credit card issuing bank;
  3. Then funds (the amount depends on your selected plan) are transferred from your bank account to your Skrill e-wallet;
  4. At the end funds from your e-wallet are sent to Invoicebus Skrill account and you are redirected back to Invoicebus where you can continue making invoices.

TIP: When you are making online payments never forget to check the URL for secure data transfer with SSL. Checking this is very simple, just see if your browser address bar starts with https.

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