Invoicebus Fun Facts

After the great birthday celebration and catching a little breath, I want to share with you some interesting facts collected during our startup journey

I’m going to reveal some extraordinary numbers and facts for which even we weren’t aware of until we started preparing this post. Sounds crazy I know, but it’s true :)

Time Spent

We haven’t tracked our working hours, but our estimation says more than 5.700 hours so far, or approximately:

  • 2.100 hours – design (Interface & UX, Mock-ups, Graphics)
  • 1.500 hours – development
  • 1.100 hours – copywriting
  • 1.000 hours – testing

Longest & Shortest Times

  • Longest time spent in the office – 19 hours
  • Longest time spent working from remote locations – 6 months
  • Longest time spent on crafting a simple sentence – 165 min
  • Longest time spent on staring at a same interface with no idea what to do next – 18 hours
  • Longest average time for customer support – 4 hours
  • Longest server downtime – 40 minutes
  • Shortest time spent on developing a killer feature16 hours
  • Shortest time spent on writing a blog post – 20 minutes
  • Shortest time spent on testing a new feature – 6 hours
  • Shortest average time for customer support – 15 minutes

Best. Worst. Hardest. Easiest.

  • Best decision ever made – The story behind our brand, the attitude, the mascot, the name
  • Worst decision ever made – Not taking too much risks from the very beginning
  • Hardest thing to do – Beat the blank state
  • Easiest thing to do – Mess the read-write permissions of the blog folder

Source Code

For the codebase we are using SVN source control versioning system hosted on Assembla, and to date we count totals of 671 code commits;

We’ve written about 52.243 lines of code from which:

  • 21.067 lines C# code
  • 12.717 lines JavaScript
  • 5.830 lines CSS
  • 12.169 lines HTML and
  • 460 lines in configuration files

All time system errors count – 130

Guys that Keep our Back Safe

These are few amazing services we cannot live without:


  • We’ve changed 2 different Cities and 3 Offices
  • We’ve eaten about 30 jars of pickles and 56 super delicious “pizzas vegetarianas”.
  • We’ve drunk up 1200 liters of water. No coffee at all yet.

Top photo credit: Kevin Dooley

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