New payment gateway: 2Checkout

It all begun with PayPal then came Stripe and now we’ve integrated 2Checkout to ease the payments for your invoices

Receive Credit Card Payments via 2Checkout in Invoicebus

We already have quite positive experience with 2Checkout so we decided to integrate it in Invoicebus. Available in 197 countries, with 26 currencies supported, 2Checkout for sure is one of the best options for accepting payments online today. So if you love 2Checkout like we do, here’s how to set it up in Invoicebus.

Setup Guide

I. Setup in 2Checkout

First thing, of course, is to get a 2Checkout account if you don’t already have one. Once you activate it you need to configure several things to make sure it works properly with Invoicebus.

1) Login to your 2Checkout account, and from the top menu navigate to “Account”, then “Site Management”. Here in the section “Direct Return” select “Header Return (Your URL)” and in the “Approved URL” text field enter this URL: Be careful to enter it exactly as displayed here, with lower case letters and trailing slash at the end, otherwise the invoice payments process might not work as expected.

2Checkout Return URL

2) After you set the return process, you need to set the notification URLs. From the top menu click the “Notifications” button, the circle located on the right. On this page click on the green “Enable All Notifications” link to mark all notification events. In the “Global Settings” section for the “Global URL” enter the same URL from above: and click on the “Apply” button.

2Checkout Notifications

This will copy the global URL to all notification events text fields. And don’t forget to save the setting at the end. With these notifications, Invoicebus will know if any payments are made to your invoices.

II. Setup in Invoicebus

1) To set it up in Invoicebus, the first thing you need to do is enter your 2Checkout “Seller Id” (also known as Account Number) and “Secret Word” in the Invoicebus “Settings” section.

2Checkout Invoicebu Settings

If you wonder why we need the “Secret Word”, it’s because we use it to verify whether the payments for your invoices are legit or not. We store all your info encrypted in our database so you can sleep tight when using the 2Checkout payments with Invoicebus.

2) Next thing you need to do is to create (or edit) an invoice where you can enable 2Checkout payments for that invoice. As you already know all payments are enabled per invoice.

2Checkout Invoice Online Payments

If you already have connected Stripe than you can choose which payment gateway you’ll use for processing credit card payments for that particular invoice. We’ll even give you the estimated fees charged by 2Checkout just like we do for PayPal and Stripe.

After enabling 2Checkout payments for the invoice, a button will be shown to the client invoice preview page, similar to Stripe and PayPal.

2Checkout Invoice Preview

When clicking on “Pay with Credit Card” button, the 2Checkout pop-up will be shown (see image below), where your clients will need to enter their credit card or PayPal details in order to pay the invoice.

2Checkout Direct Payment Form

Note: Due to 2Checkout rules the Inline Form (called Direct Checkout) is shown only if all details for the client are prepopulated in the invoice. Otherwise, the client will be redirected to the standard checkout page where he’ll need to fill out any missing info.

To avoid this redirection, you should follow these rules when entering a client in Invoicebus:

  • Full name (first and last) or full company name for the client
  • Complete client address
  • City, State, Zip, Country (in this order comma separated)
  • Phone (and/or Fax, comma separated)
  • Valid email address

If your client address doesn’t have a State/Province then you can exclude that info and enter just “City, Zip, Country”. And if you prefer, you can use a semicolon (;) for separating the “City; State; Zip; Country” and the “Phone; Fax” information.


Fred Flintstone
220 Rocky Way
Bedrock, 30321, CO, US
+1 7 123-5555; +1 7 100-5454

When entering the country we suggest you use the standardized 2-Letter or 3-Letter Country Codes to make sure 2Checkout accepts them properly. Same applies for the states in the USA and the provinces in Canada.

If you need further assistance with setting up 2Checkout payments in Invoicebus, contact our support at

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