Happy Birthday Invoicebus!

The team behind Invoicebus is pleased to announce we’re officially one year old

I can’t describe how happy we are today after one year of operating and supporting Invoicebus. In one year of ups and downs, struggles and hustles we managed to finish our first year with positive news. After one year of working we have grown at stable pace with thousands of happy users, and I can’t tell anything but we’re very satisfied with the results.

For anybody who doesn’t know what Invoicebus is, I’ll give you short history about it:

  • In October 2010 Stefan and Dimitar gathered together and started with brainstorming a product which will ease the creating and management of invoices.
  • In November 2010 the development started and in meantime we put our teaser web page announcing the arriving of the “bus”.
  • After one year of development and testing we launched our product on 30th November 2011, and that is how Invoicebus was born from our ideas, creativity and hard work.
  • Today we’re celebrating our first birthday.

As a young product this is a big achievement for us, and this motivates us even more to continue building Invoicebus in the future. We hope with the love and support of our users we’ll bring the invoicing closer to the everyday people, the freelancers and small businesses.

And what is a birthday without a surprise so we prepared one for you, just stayed tuned in the coming weeks. Oh, and if you don’t have account go on and create one, it’s completely free. Well I’m done for today and going to grab a piece of that cake and start partying :)

Photocredit: Will Clayton

Dimitar Stojanov
Dimitar is co-founder of Invoicebus, an online invoicing tool for easy invoice management. He's passionate about creating beautiful and simple web applications and occasionally writes on this blog about web design, online business, and fighting the status-quo. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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  2. Steve Jons says:

    The the invoice generator you mentioned has revolutionized the way I handle billing. The automatic calculations and professional templates make it a must-have for any business.

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