10 Tips to Grow Your Business Online With the Right Content

Growing a business from 0 is no easy job. You have to tackle so many things before seeing it thrive. And building up an effective online marketing campaign is one of those things.

Simply put, the more people you let know about your company and products, the more you are likely to sell. And, in this day and time, social media seems to be the king of online marketing, alongside rich, informative content. According to this data, in the following two years, (by 2021) the number of social media users worldwide will reach over 3 bn.

This is the main reason why you want to have the best online presence your brand is capable of: to get in front of those people and convince them your brand is worthy and reliable; to convince them your products and services are the answer they’ve been searching for. This is how you can do it.

#1. Visual Content Grows in Popularity

People have different attention spans and different learning styles. But, what seems to appeal to most of them on social media networks is video content. Emphasizing the importance of visually appealing social media content will make people more engaged with said content, and with your company, ultimately.

When linking to blog content or landing page content, ensure you use vivid imagery. Not only video content attracts, so images are equally important. This Hub Spot article is packed with info and data on how effective visual content is when trying to boost engagement and interaction rates.

#2. Find Your Brand’s Own Voice and Personality

You may think your customers interact with a screen on social media. But, at a deeper level, this is human-human interaction. And like every time you interact with people, it’s good to let your own personality shine through. People don’t want to read content written in a stone-cold voice. Finding your own brand voice will take a while, but people are more likely to engage with your brand. Plus, this will offer your company a more humane online presence.

#3. Different Social Networks Demand Different Tones

Here’s the thing. When trying to implement a smooth and effective online marketing campaign focused on social media, you can’t use the same tone on all outlets.

For instance, when creating content for LinkedIn, you have to keep a professional voice. Facebook and Twitter allow you to be more playful and friendlier.

The thing about finding your own brand voice is it will help you to engage better with people from different backgrounds. This boosts brand authority and creates a loyal customer base.

#4. Different Content, for Different Social Networks

On the same line, you should avoid posting online the same content on all networks. This makes you look lazy and unprofessional. You want to get the same information out on all social media networks, but change and adapt the post, so it fits better with the platform and your readers there.

#5. High-Quality, Information-Rich Content

The digital space is endless, and at the bottom of this endless pit end up poor-quality copies. It’s the sad truth, but this should motivate you enough to aim for killer content.

What qualifies as killer content? Well, the type of content that delivers value, helps readers solve a problem, or find new, great ideas to use in their daily life.

“Killer content is content written with the reader in mind. Brands that don’t strive to share on information-rich social media content fail to become profitable”, says Anthony McGregor, a social media manager at PickWriters.

To gain more shares and brand exposure, and to engage better with your audience, think of the following.

  • Original content.
  • Strong headlines that help readers navigate written content easier.
  • Actionable content.
  • Prepare for feedback and answers.
  • Strive to include accurate, researched, and backed by data information.
  • Improve content with images and videos.
  • Keep your content short and information-rich.
  • Keep your blog or website updated, to keep your audience informed.

#6. Gang Up with Influences in the Industry

Influencers in your industry are a great way to make your business known to a wide audience. Find online influencers in your industry and engage with them as much as possible. This will put you in direct touch with their followers, helping you to potentially expand your market reach. This may turn into leads and, ultimately, sales.

Ganging up with influencers in your field will also help you increase your marketing efforts. Try to collaborate with them for promotion and marketing purposes. If your products and services are different than your competition’s or if they have superior features, you’ll grab their attention. Use the new influence you have to push leads further on the sales funnel, closer to turning them into sales.

#7. Blogging and Guest Blogging

Blogging and guest blogging are two incredible ways to engage better with your audience. If your company lacks a blog section on the official website, start one.

  • Try to offer your audience as much detailed information as possible. Other companies use their blog sections to offer details on how their products or services will solve their readers’ most burning problems and promote their free trial versions (if this is applicable). Such marketing moves will tempt your audience into buying the paid version of your products, once they get to interact with the free one. Plus, a solid blog section makes your website more sharable. Include share buttons for all major social media platforms, to take things up a notch.
  • Guest blogging, on the other hand, allows you to make your ideas known on other websites than your own. Find other bloggers in the niche and see if they’re interested in blog posts exchanges. You can share each other’s links on social media outlets and let each other’s audience know about the content you two create.

#8. The Almighty Hashtag

On platforms like Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are holy. On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, professionals encourage you to use these liberally. Hashtags make your business easier to find, they allow people to get in touch with you directly. This will create a more personal relationship with your audience while increasing your reach. This is, after all, what generates sales and allows your business to grow, even when more stringent measures are necessary.

#9. Infographics to Educate your Audience

Everybody loves infographics! If you don’t include these in your social media marketing campaigns, consider starting today.

For a more personalized approach to the infographics, you share online, create your own branded pieces. This will boost your online visibility, make your online content more sharable, and will help you engage with your audience. Starting debates online from infographics is a great way to get to know your readers better.

If you lack the means to create branded infographics, use what you find online. Be courteous enough to leave a link to the source, however.

#10. Use Feedback Wisely and Adapt Your Strategy and Products

What your readers comment on your social media posts is valuable. Use the feedback they leave and try to adapt your marketing strategy. When the feedback they leave is targeted at your company’s products and services, assure your readers their voice is heard and their experience matters. Show them you aim to improve your products and services, without being offended by negative feedback. This is an opportunity you can use to improve everybody’s experience while helping your company grow organically.

Final Thoughts

When fresh companies try to fuel their growth in local or foreign markets, how they approach brand awareness matters enormously. For results that promote company growth, we recommend using the pieces of advice above. Experiment and see what your audience is the most responsive to. After all, there is no fail-proof recipe for social media advertising and marketing.

Elisa Aboott

Elisa Aboott

Elisa Aboott completed a degree in Computer Science. She finished her study last year but is already a true expert when it comes to presenting a text in a creative and understandable manner. Elisa is thirsty for knowledge and is always on the lookout for tips to share with her readers.
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