6 Profitable Small Business Ideas with Small Capital

There are many good things related to starting your own business. A job has its own advantages but almost everyone would prefer own business to improve their financial state. There can be an exponential increase or decrease in your finances. Your loss or profit may depend on the type of your business but a red alert of risk may buzzer at your mind. Business is very risky but in a short life of sixty to seventy years, crucial decisions can be a fruitful one for your ancestors to remember. Though loss can be a big factor, one right decision can be a decisive one.

Due to knocking off the danger of a loss, many people avoid business and tend to apply for a normal job. Job especially under government does attract lots of people. There are many vacancies available day by day in many fields which may be eye-catching and lead many people to life imprisonment. Jobs may give you comfort like paying your rent, clinical charges, and pension but on another hand, it may mean thirty to forty years of daily and regular duty.

The job is a headache which won’t leave you until you reach your deathbed. Job not only destroys your routine but it also limits your finance and lifestyles. Though you can gain access to regular bonuses and extra time potential pays but they are also limited. You can get only a bit of commission for your extra efforts for your company. For a job, you need to be very much disciplined and there is always someone superior to you from which you have to take orders or indirectly be a slave of his demands. With time you can get stable with good pays and facilities but that times are in decades not in a year or two and it requires lots of appearances and hard-work for the sake of the company’s wellbeing.

But when owning your own business, you are a bit tension free. There is no specific routine or schedule for you to visit your workplace. You can socialize and remain out if the shell while being a businessman. You can develop your own timings for business, gym, sports, family, and trips. There is no stoppage or denial for absentees. Though partnership can be a bit disturbing and can cause chaos it is much better than regular check and balance held in a job.

So if one can avoid losses the best way to earn capital is through business as it offers freedom of command and work. If a person hasn’t developed his finance and has a small capital to start his business there are a number of fields in which he can perform. And developing business with small capital can be a bit vital as if a person faces a loss he won’t lose a lot of money and can try to bounce back from a loss. A person can even develop a small business into a big revenue generating unit.

Here I’m going to present you with six profitable small business ideas that require small capital to start.

1# Mobile as a business

In this modern era, the most important gadget a man has released is a smartphone either a person is in an office or is with his family, a constant link is developed. Touch or type phone is necessary to communicate in key moments.in the population of seven billion, there are more than four billion cells constantly working. So developing a business affiliated with a mobile phone is the best option one can think. Day by day the technology is upgrading so are the specs of a phone. Nowadays new phones are being constructed with low size and weight but with a better feature.

With the improvement of mobile phones, the scope of such business is rapidly increasing. If you prefer mobile phones and have enough knowledge relating the hardware and software than it is the best low budget business. You can develop your business by firstly constructing a shop and then fill it with all the necessities. Initially, you may launch a mobile repairing center and when and when enough revenue is generated mobile selling facility can also be introduced. This business has a wide scope and can be better developed with profits.

2# Marketing

Marketing is a bit hard but a very profitable business. In this time the competition of generating products between different brands is increasing. Marketing takes advantage of this rivalry by increasing rates. The basic function of marketing is promoting a brand. A brand pays marketers for advertising their product. There are many ways of marketing which may also depend on the type of product. If the product is better with kids then the best place to perform is a school and any other products can be supported in a supermarket. To extend your business with time and profit you may increase the number of your workers. Or you can try to opt for different ways of advertising through pan flexes or through large advertising boards.

3# Daycare

In this modern time, the conditions of spending a good life have increased. The budget for a family to live a prosperous life has increased which has led both men and women to work alongside. Due to the busy routine of both husband and wife, the caring of children is becoming a big question. Nowadays many mothers prefer daycares for their children. This sudden need for grooming has created a big opportunity for unemployed people to take advantage. It is one smart business idea for women.

To develop a business with a low budget daycare can be a very fine option. You can launch a daycare at your home or start it over a rented place. Initially, you have to groom the kids on your own but with the increased profit you can appoint some maids.

4# Education

Though it seems very harsh education is taken as a business nowadays. Many elites develop their own schools or institutes to earn capital. In this modern system, primary education is getting loads of hype as syllabuses like O-levels are introduced. Now as these syllabuses as expensive so the education is also getting expensive.

You can take advantage of the development of such syllabuses by creating an online website. Though developing a website can be difficult but it can be made at no cost. Just make sure to remain honest with your job, your dishonesty or lack of interest later can affect the children adversely.

5# Freelancing

As the electronic media is rapidly improving so is the work online. Nowadays except for using the experience of a person or concerning a guide people prefer Google as it is free to use and it provides us with an immediate solution.

The business of freelancing is improving day by day, and now there are many users to prefer freelancing. Due to the increased demand for articles and publications, the opportunities for developing a freelancing business is also growing. You may build a website or use your social skill to gather clients and then assign work to some employees.

6# Hairdresser

Today famous personalities like athletes or celebrities opt for some newly fashioned hairstyles. The followers of such stars would like to have the same haircut as for their idol. The rates of some fashionable hairstyles are expensive, and business-like hairdressing requires small capital. A small business loan can be a great option to start your progress.


All of the business ideas mentioned above require a small capital and needless to say, they are quite profitable if you run the business smartly and invest your time. The world is moving rapidly towards new and smart inventions. So maintaining a profitable business can be tricky but it undoubtedly has multiple benefits for you. I hope this article helps you out. Good luck!

David Simmons

David Simmons

David Simmons is a financial analyst and accounting expert. He has in-depth knowledge about setting up small businesses as well as creating profitable investments. He regularly contributes articles related to business and loans at ebroker.com.au.
David Simmons

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