7 Fail Proof Ways to Attract Investors

Creating a new business takes not only a lot of patience but also a certain resilience of character.

For venturing into the unknown comes with the possibility of complete and utter failure. So never giving up on your dreams is a must for any new entrepreneur.

Great ideas for a new product/service can generate awesome results, but more often than not, we find a lot of such new ideas failing. The concept is to create a service of necessity that will withstand the tremors of time, as well as economic ups and downs.  Once the creative part is done, you now reach the definitive moment of having the proper finances for your business. One can start by investing their own money to give it that initial boost but not everyone has that kind of money just lying around to be spent. Here come the investors. They play a vital role in getting any business up and running.

Investors require a sound business plan that details what is to be expected at the end of the day. This one document defines the requirements and expectations that one might have for a new business.

Be Original, Be Real

Instead of putting all your money in something that many are investing in, try being original and real. Think outside the box and look at the market for new potentials. More often than not, entrepreneurs are stuck with repetition, which makes them appear a part of the horde that is moving in the same direction.

Avoid that. Bring new concepts to the market that are viable and also a much-needed necessity. As it goes, fortune favors the bold, and it takes courage to develop a new idea and it takes patience to see if it gains acceptance, but that’s exactly how innovations work. So think big and then work hard. Investors are more likely to respond to new workable ideas than old soggy ones.

Devise a Good Story as Your Pitch

Who doesn’t love a good motivational, awe-inspiring story? It can certainly pack a punch and pave the way for the rest of your idea. No one is interested in facts and sheet data as the first look into your idea. Create a pitch that can inspire and leave a mark, then practice it over and over so that you’re left with only the perfection. Investors are more focused on what you actually plan to achieve, and what better way than to explain it all in a way that can touch them intimately.

Try packing it all in a nice concise way so that when a potential investor comes, you have all the details complete in a package that is bow-tied for instant delivery. If you successfully deliver all the ins and outs, the need for your idea, and the problems it will help resolve, the money will start pouring in.

Create an Accurate Budget

When starting to attract investors, keep in mind the fact that people are more comfortable with accurate and realistic budgets. A company that can provide delivery and traction is more suitable for receiving financial help than one which is unrealistic in its approach. Avoid presenting unachievable goals. Even if you’re a start-up, think about figures which you can justify and which you can actually give proof of once the business starts taking roots. Plan for a little longer than a few months, and plan cautiously by gathering data of the market and the consumers. After careful evaluation, come up with an amount that will attract the potential investor.

Network Online to Attract Investors

Marketing your goods was never as easy as it is now. We see so many Facebook campaigns every time that we open our account. Try using social media platforms like Facebook to connect to the relevant people. Make yourself too good to pass up. Create a positive image and vibe, and appear as a strong entrepreneur who is beaming with inspiration. Have a clear idea of your values and connect with the investors on mutual terms.

Make apt use of online fundraisers. It takes some time to create the right environment for your idea, but it is definitely possible. Your online presence is directly proportional to your commitment and the capabilities of your internet connection, so be sure that your connection is reliable enough so you can also check Comcast internet packages for it.

Always Follow Up

Once you start to attract investors sets in, you can start following up on those investors that you have already encountered and had considered important. The idea for a new venture doesn’t just pop up one fine morning. It takes time to form, and then more time to actually make it a reality. So invest in the investors before you go to them asking for money. Create an aura of yourself and act as a doer, someone with the right track record. Prove yourself useful, and then keep track of those that you consider useful.

Show Exactly What’s There for the Investor

At the end of the day, the actual focus of an investor is vested in what they receive at the other end of the bargain. Be clear about it, and show actual figures and charts regarding how much of the profit they will be able to keep their hands on. Be clear about the timelines, show a concise picture of what and when, and leave no stone unturned. You need to be concise about the retained earnings and the portion of the generated revenue you intend to invest back into the business. The investment is nothing if it’s not just a means to an end.

Be Open to Advice

Plan a strategy which includes the investor giving support to you on a personalized level. Be humble and be open to suggestions instead of running behind possible or probable needs. Ask for advice from people that you deem important. Make them see how genuinely interested you are in their idea, instead of blindly calling around. Do not act desperate, and do not give an investor the idea that you’re just dying to get their money. Instead, seek advice and let them give you some ideas for improvement. An investor who becomes engaged in your cause makes for a passionate supporter.


Be patient and tolerant. Show optimism and maintain a positive outlook on all things. Positivity will ensure that you consider where you might have gone wrong or overboard in a particular scenario and convert that into a lesson for yourself and polish your idea in accordance as to avoid any contingencies from occurring.  Keep yourself together and face the challenges with courage, never backing down from what you decided to achieve. Remember that your persona plays a great role in ensuring potential investors that you are the right person to capitalize on since they need to feel as secure as possible while investing in your idea.  There are countless hurdles which can appear on the path to success, but it is integral that you consider each one a stepping stone towards a greater goal.

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