8 Ways to Get More Clients Online

Every company dreams about booming traffic on its website. It would be even better to achieve that without any monetary investment, right? A marketer, who makes that happen, is a winner of the Internet.

However, each industry exhibits different trends and characteristics. Some companies might be lucky enough to rely solely on traffic from social media channels. In such case, all it takes is solid copywriting and a bunch of colorful images to attract more attention.

Unfortunately, not every business can achieve success in that way. In fact, most companies need investments. Therefore, the key is to invest in a smart way. This article lists ideas of providing quality traffic to your website by combining paid and organic sources.

#1 Blog to Get More Clients Online

Almost every e-commerce business owns a blog.

It’s no surprise – a blog allows to find new customers organically. You see, a well-ranked blog can provide a spike in traffic numbers.

This can be achieved by combining three elements: well-curated content, smart distribution and use of relevant long-tail keywords.

It is also important to be up to date with the blogs of your competition. A recommended course of action would be to do research on your own. Read what your competition writes about and make sure you didn’t miss anything important.

Finally, check out the following blogs to broaden your horizons:

  • Hootsuite.com – the blog covers a great range of marketing topics. The editorial team is top-notch, whilst Hootsuite’s SEO is an example to follow.
  • Invoicebus.com complex look at modern bookkeeping, but also lots of in-depth marketing articles.
  • Wordstream.com – a good source of copywriting knowledge and tips.
  • NeilPatel.com – probably the best knowledge hub concerning growth-hacking online.

#2 Be Present On Various Social Media Channels

When it comes to social media, many companies are limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, there’s a lot of smaller channels, where you can possibly find customers. Try one of the following:

  • Quora – answer a question and promote your business
  • Inbound.org – become a marketing expert
  • Behance – share your designs & form unique collaborations
  • Yelp – be up to date with opinions about products from your industry

The less popular social media channel is, the more targeted audience is there. Here’s an example – if your business is related to art in some way, try using TalentHouse. It might be the right place to either find customers or share your product.

#3 Include Customer Testimonials

Including customer testimonials on a website is a popular way to build trust with new users.

It is also a way to distribute additional content. How? Encourage your clients to share such inspirations through their social media channels. Try conducting interviews and posting them on your blog.

#4 Use Video Content

Video content will be growing fast. As a global society, we are already consuming more of such content than ever before.

Why? Because videos are much more engaging than images. They’re not just another way to get more clients online.

Try to think out of the box when creating your video content. Some companies use animated content, others prefer solid storytelling and live actors. Try to find your way of communication and engage your viewers.

#5 Get Around Your Local Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most important trends to follow. However, there’s a misleading perception that it only applies to costly, big campaigns.

Even a small company can benefit from influencer campaigns. You don’t have to look for the biggest names in the industry though. It’s great to reach out to smaller bloggers at the beginning. Offer them free promotion in your channels and you’ll produce a campaign without spending a penny.

#6 Facebook Groups

Developing your own Facebook group is not easy. It requires both time and devotion, but the results are great.

Here’s a tip – don’t think about your group as a “magical pond” with clients. In order to make a group grow, it has to offer quality content.

Here’s a quick look at how to establish a Facebook group.

  • define a niche connected to your business,
  • invite people and promote your group via Facebook ads (organic reach might not be enough at the beginning)
  • foster discussions,
  • control spammers.

Only then try sharing your more “salesy” content.

#7 AdWords

Creating effective ads in AdWords can be a chore. Advertising in search engines requires (among others):

  • Smart copywriting – it has to be direct and concise. If you are having trouble with that, try one of the ready-made formulas suggested by Wordstream. Also, include special signs to make your ads stand out.
  • Right targeting – AdWords allows to develop a very precisely targeted campaign. Make sure that you try various paths to reach the customers. Sometimes it’s better to have smaller, but numerous campaigns, with various keywords. Juggle with them and see, which brings you the best conversion. Once you define it, expand it with more investment.
  • Well-thought budgeting – it’s pretty easy to spend a lot of money on AdWords and not achieve any satisfying results. Think about your budget in the long-run.

#8 Facebook Ads

We spend a lot of time on social media. Think of it as an opportunity to find customers.

One way to obtain customers via Facebook is paid ads. Just like AdWords, Facebook ads include a very detailed way of targeting. You can define your customer group through age, localization, interests and other segmenting options.

Remember that – contrary to AdWords – Facebook ads include images too. Find the most beautiful photos possible, because it will increase the chance of a “click”.


To get more clients online requires a smart strategy. Only by combining multiple channels and ways of reaching the customers, you can achieve good results. Do not be afraid of the baby steps at the beginning of your company’s journey. Most of the tactics require time to bring results. Hence, apart from growth hacking, you will need patience. Work on it and the success will eventually come. And once it arrives, remember to never rest on laurels – looking for customers online is a never-ending process. Hopefully, these eight tips laid out in this article will help you to get more clients online.

Kajetan Wyrzykowski
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Kajetan Wyrzykowski

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