Attract More Customers with this 7 Cheap and Interesting Ways

Can you run a business profitably without attracting new customers and convincing them to buy your products or services? The answer is no. No business can be profitable and make money without attracting more and more new customers. Even if your products or services are the best in the market if the customers are not willing to buy them your business is a total loss.

Sometimes businesses fail to sell their products/services, not because customers are not interested in their products or service, but because they don’t market their products properly. There are cases when customers don’t even know that this product or service exists.

As an owner of small business, you should be aware of the fact that better client base means better future for your company. Good customer relationship will help you grow your business and achieve the vision for your company.

It is well known that investing in huge marketing and advertising campaigns seem impossible for the small business owners. So, here are seven cheap and interesting ways how to attract more customers to your business.

1) Word-of-mouth

Spreading your products word of mouth always works. It’s one of the oldest forms of marketing to the new customers by your existing customers. The word of mouth strategy still works very well even in this technological era because people are not sure about the honesty in the paid advertisements. People learning for your business word of mouth from their friends and family seem more trustworthy to them.

When your customers like your product and are fully satisfied with the quality of it, it’s quite normal for them to share their experiences with their friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Businesses should focus on providing their customers with the best experience. So give your customers a reason to advertise and market your products/services for you.

The secret behind the success of many businesses does not only rely on the marketing and advertising of their product/service. It also relies on the effective and good word-of-mouth spreading by the happy and satisfied customers.

2) Offer discounts and deals

Another creative and low-cost way to attract more customers to your business is by offering discounted deals on your products or services like this invoice templates sale for example. People usually perceive discounts and deals as a great opportunity to buy their desired products at a lower price. And who doesn’t love savings!

Discounted offers motivate the customers to buy more products/services than they have planned in the first place. People rush into buying more products because they fear of losing this great opportunity. These offers also result in the most effective way of spreading awareness for your brand.

3) Start a contest to attract more customers

By announcing a contest, you have no idea how much buzz it will create for your business. Who doesn’t love to win? The “ego” resides in people personalities!

People find it thrilling to win a contest or to get lucky by winning a surprise. The contests can bring a huge number of people learning about your product. You can spread the word by using social media channels and use their advertising platforms. It will bring people’s attention towards your business.

Many people won’t be able to win the prize, but still, they will show interest in finding out about the products and services offered by your business. So you will gain some publicity.

Before conducting the contest make sure the prize you are planning to give to the winners is affordable.  Make a plan to cover the cost of the prize for the winner by selling other products during the contest.

4) Create a website

Everyone, whether a small or big business needs to create a website now. In today’s digital era website is a must if you want to attract more customers.

The people’s world revolves around the internet. So, if you want to attract new customers for your business work on creating your online presence by developing a website. Also, start a blog about your business. People first search for the products or services online before going to the actual store.

Any big or small business should have a website of their own. They should also create a web page with detailed information about their business and products or services they offer.

5) Use magic word “Free”

People find it fascinating when they hear or see the word “free” giveaway product.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Everyone!

For the small business owner, this “free giveaway” deal comes with three most interesting benefits.

People find out that your business exists.

People rush to buy your products/services, and you get the chance to prove the worth, quality and value of your product to the new customers.

Once the new customers find your free product or service valuable, customers will come and buy your other products and services in a risk-free state of mind.

Because of this “free” offer of your products, people rush into your store as they’ll have nothing to lose. All they need to do is just sit back and enjoy the free service or product without fear of wasting any money.

6) Print and distribute flyers

Distributing flyers is still the most effective way to advertise your business. It is best suited for small businesses in getting the attention of their targeted audience in specific areas. Such areas include industrial, universities, residential area, etc.

Most of the time small businesses are not capable of investing a huge amount of money for their marketing and advertising campaigns. So they can invest in less expensive flyers to attract new customers in buying their products or services.

You can hire someone to distribute the flyers door to door. Putting them on parked cars, etc. will help you get more attention from the people.

7) Are you on social media?

Every big or small business should have an online presence on social media platforms. Today this is a must in order to attract more customers and to stay in the competition. By running your online video marketing campaigns on these social media channels, you can easily attract your targeted audience, increase your sales, and gain publicity for your business. Here is a great resource for successful video marketing tips.


From offline to online methods we laid out several ways to market your business and grow your customer base. You can create a website, start an online contest, distribute flyers, or give away free stuff to spread the word about your products or services. They don’t have to be expensive and cost you a lot of money. Know that you can tighten up and run your business on a shoe-string budget.

Make sure you follow the 7 tips laid out in this article to get maximum of your business marketing and attract more customers.

Shawn Marshall
Shawn Marshall is the father of two little girls. He is a digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. He regularly shares his bright ideas on SquareShip.
Shawn Marshall

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