5 Hiring Risks to Avoid and Hire Better People

In our time there are many promising companies that develop by leaps and bounds. The number of work positions is increasing.  Accordingly, the need for new qualified employees is constantly rising. And it is becoming more and more difficult to find such candidates. The hiring risks are getting bigger and bigger every day.

Because of the haste and many other reasons, the process of selecting personnel becomes difficult and ultimately does not bring desirable results.

During the working process, no one can understand what he is doing wrong? Why can he not find the right candidate? You will find the answer below.

Managers on the selection of personnel improperly build their working strategy and make many mistakes that become fatal.

Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes HR-manager makes when hiring new people. Maybe it will simplify this complicated process.

1) You definitely should know if you need “extra hands”

This is the number one mistake in hiring practice. When the company does not know exactly whether they need a worker or not.

Many companies begin to select personnel without a clear understanding of what they can give the company and whether there are tasks for them, a workplace, equipment, and so on.

Such a fault carries a heap of consequences. For example, you cannot correctly identify the tasks that a new person should perform, the schedule of his/her work and the place in the development of the company.

From such recruitment will suffer not only the company but also the person who came to work and advance.

To avoid this, consult your team, perhaps hold a meeting on this topic. Decide whether you need an assistant who will perform certain tasks or you can divide them among an existing squad.

Only after the final decision, start looking for a new employee.

2) Trust, but verify to avoid any hiring risks

This name is ideal for the second paragraph, now I’ll explain why.

Often the manager makes a big bet on the candidate’s resume, blindly trusting every word that is written there. When hiring, a big role is played by the first impression of an interview.

These two factors cannot be trusted at all. It is necessary to collect the full information about the applicant. For example: view all possible profiles on social networks, check the availability of a license, a medical record, and it is very important to find out if a person has criminal records.

For instance, you can use employee background check services to find the skeletons in the closet.

Also, reverse phone lookup services can help you find contact information when you search for a suitable candidate. With them, you are able to find the number of the email owner and visa versa. In non-business use you can also find location, social media profiles, and even criminal records using such service.

Do not ignore this point because you risk engaging with a devil in a human shape.

3) Do not create “ideals” for the future employee

A lot of HR-managers create a picture of the ideal future employee and this is a mistake #3.

People create images that often turn out to be unreal and non-existent. With this approach, you are only waiting for disappointment, and this applies not only to the selection of personnel but to life in general.

Thus, the circle of your search is very much narrowed and, in this case, it is not good. Moreover, you are not looking for positive moments the in future employee, but for negative ones that do not correspond to the set “ideal”.

This approach to the hiring will not lead you to success. You will spend a lot of time and nerves in vain, when you begin to select a candidate for your “ideal”.

It is much easier to look for good summaries and draw conclusions about a person in fact (do not forget about point #2). Do not forget that the best qualities of a person are manifested in the work and after some time.

4) You increase the hiring risks when recruiting for a better resume

Many recruitment managers make big bets on the applicant’s resume and it’s totally wrong.

They pay attention to the prestige of the University, the number of foreign languages that the candidate knows, the number of certificates and diplomas for different achievements and so on. But this is not so important as everyone is used to imagine.

Although your candidate will have 3 higher educations, own 1001 foreign languages, have a million certificates, this will not give a guarantee that he will work well and give himself up to work for 100%.

This scheme works and vice versa. A person who does not have all those merits will work for the result without regretting the forces and time.

All of the above does not mean that you need to ignore the resume. Just do not forget that a chance should be given for everyone and sometimes you can be surprised by those from whom you least expect it.

5) Do not choose only one candidate for a probation

Often the company chooses the first, in their opinion, suitable candidate and send it on probation. It seems all right? But as it were not so.

If this candidate will not suit you, he will not be able to adequately pass the probation, then the search will have to start from the very beginning. On this, you will spend a lot of time, which you could save if chose an alternative strategy.

On the other hand, if you take several people on probation, the chance that someone will suit your company becomes much higher. Choose people with similar skills and approximately the same level of knowledge in your field and try them out in practice.

Just give them the same tasks and see who does better. This strategy will help you to choose the best of the best.


It can be said that hiring an employee is not as easy as it seems at first glance. To find the right person you need to do a great job. Which certainly takes a lot of time and dodging any hiring risks.

First, you need to reconsider your methods of finding new staff and determine how effective they are in our time.

Find out with your team if you need a new employee or not. Never hire a person without a clear understanding of why you need him/her. Always pursue a clear goal. (#1)

When searching for candidates, you cannot fully trust a resume or a personal interview because the first impression is deceptive. Spend a little research on the background of your future employee, perhaps you will find something interesting or frightening. (#2)

Do not create in your head the picture of the future employee. You can skip a really valid candidate if you rely on your “ideal” .(#3)

The number of higher educations and achievements still does not make a person a wonderful worker, do not forget about it. (#4)

You should take several candidates on probation period at the same time, in this way you will increase your chances of finding the best. (#5)

If you organize the process correctly and improve your strategy, it is not so difficult to hire a good staff. This is a matter of technique. Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes and correct them. That’s how you learn to minimize any hiring risks.

I hope this post was useful for you.

Valerie Malecha

Valerie Malecha

Valerie Malecha is one of the content managers for Spokeo - a people search platform helping users know more about the people in their lives through access to social media profiles, phone numbers, marital status, and more.
Valerie Malecha

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