10 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You must have enhanced your site with captivating banners, fast loading speed, and high tech AI-powered bots to boost the progress and performance of your site. What if you still lack traffic on your site or receive a huge bounce rate? The reason lies here; your site fails to serve its purpose. The reason why the target audience will navigate to your site is not to witness your creative design skills or how efficient your backend developer was but to know what you do and how you do. The curiosity to your brand will drive them to the site. Therefore, considering content to be the guiding beacon of your brand, one should focus on the right and appropriate content creation first. Your content is the core and fundamental brick of your business.

1. Following the Spray and Pray Approach

Spray and pray content strategy is the approach used by marketers who believe that we should write content only because others are doing so. These marketers lack proper target or purpose behind their content. They just compose a particular amount of paragraph and upload without having a direction or goal.

Content strategy is the infrastructure of content marketing. Without answers to ‘why’ & ‘how’ the result is chaos. - Rebecca Lieb Click To Tweet

Sketching a robust content marketing strategy is imperative to generate potential outcomes for your business. Since years, professionals have shared their techniques to bring in more sales by educating the target audiences. The famous pyramid style is the one through which you can first provide your readers an engaging idea about your product. Then gradually fill them up with other important information and then at the very end comes the part to add not so important information. Nevertheless, of such techniques need a strategy to work on, a direction to follow. You must know whether you want to simply create conversion rates or want leads. Every purpose comes with its individual idea.

2. Irrelevant to Audience’s Needs

The one big criteria involved in content creation is relevancy. You must check your target audience and their preferences before creating one. As per the statistics, around 63% of the online customers feel misunderstood by the brands they interact with. Marketers should delve deeper into understanding what their customers want and desires before crafting out their content. Writers should get down to the level of their customers and see things from their perspectives, answers queries that pop up in the mind of an average online buyer. In this way, things will become smoother and productive.

3. Not Using Other Methods Increase Content Marketing Mistakes

Let me first enrich your knowledge with a little stats, around 60% of the marketers across the globe compose content. Now the question arrives, what kind of content. To some content is writing simple and basic blogs. However, as the digital landscape flourishes so does the many legendary techniques. Now the old techniques are replaced with new productive and compelling ideas. Content creation involves vlogs, short rants, whitepapers, tutorials, how-to blogs, memes, infographics, case studies, checklist, GIFs Webinars, Animation, Podcast and Social media post.

These are some of the trendiest techniques to spared brand awareness. Now those who are outdated lagging behind the notions must update their strategies and practice some real tactics to drive huge turnovers.

4. Preferring Shorter Content

I have heard stories of many marketers who learned that uploading shorter content ensures to bring more sales. Upon uploading, they receive a slow-moving performance graph. However, the perks of adopting this strategy seems to influence their SEO rankings as well, that was surely a huge blow. The chunk here is that size does not matter if your content quality is engaging and captivating. If you have composed an entirely captivating content that has the ability to delight and educate your audience then you should not focus on filling extra content only to increase the word count or eliminating important chunks to keep the content precise. Furthermore, from SEO point of view, a lengthy and well-written content can boost your SEO rankings and enhance your online visibility. This way you’ll avoid the content marketing mistakes when writing the content.

5. Not Focusing On Quality and Fresh Content

Create content that's selfless and not overly self-promotional, and you'll be rewarded many times over - Ryan Robinson - the content analyst Click To Tweet

Keeping that in mind, a content should be valuable enough to compel readers about the authenticity and reliability of the company. In addition, some marketers tend to add proportional chunks and compose content having too many salesy information. Your reader is not interested in reading thousands of words about the greatness of your organization. Instead, he or she wants something that can help and guide them, a sort of a solution to any kind of problem. Nobody has time to read irrelevant and promotional content. Even the advertisers create such advertisements that delivers a useful message while highlighting their product. Though it is true that the attention span of online users is decreasing at a much faster rate that does not mean that you fill the entire space with over-promotional content just to dig in the brand identity.

6. Uninteresting and Non-Creative Content

Sometimes you follow every little tip professionals have stated still your content shows a poor performance. Do not hang your face in dismay. You must be making a simple mistake and that is your content lacks interest and creativity. Web content is different from usual writings. You need to be interactive with your audience. Communicate with them as if you are sitting right in front of them. If you do not grab their attention and sustain it throughout your content, you are more likely to receive a negative feedback or a downward performance.

7. Confusing Content with SEO Strategies

Though SEO and content marketing are closely linked together but they are not the cuts from the same cloths. People think that but stuffing keywords in the content, they can achieve a high-ranking result. They can take their site in the top ranking pages. They are oblivion of the facts that Google bots have now being improvised a lot, content having such over stuffing are not considered now. Secondly, an overstuffed content can never be called creative one. You only have used your smart skills to drive your purpose out, while the basic needs remained unfulfilled. Furthermore, such tactics are not even included in professional SEO strategies. You must add most searched keywords in a certain percentage. For instance, in 500 words, 2% is indexed.

8. Not Creating Buyer’s Persona

Buyer’s persona: it is the behavior, preferences, motivational factors and demographics related to your target audience.

The content structure is designed in a way that outlines a buyer’s persona. It works on the basis of what the buyer prefer and like to receive. It educates the reader and develops a desire to get the product. The prospective buyer finds the product useful and valuable because the marketers have composed an entire journey that can eventually lead to a favorable decision. To compose a buyer’s persona marketers have to carry out online surveys and seek help from customer feedback present on the similar products of competitors. They perform such techniques to dig out the basic motivational factors that can instantly drive them towards the product. This is one of the mistakes that many of us make, that we pay little to no attention to what our clients demand from us.

Furthermore, you must have been aware of the rising fame and productivity of many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with Snapchat making its way too. All of these platforms help marketers to promote their products. However, it is largely seen that many brands despite their creative content could not advertise their services properly all this is because of their lack of ability to create a buyer’s persona. Social media sites are a great source of revenue generation. These sites can bring your brand in top searches and can provide you a stable ground for customer engagements. All you have to do is be relevant.

9. Lacking the Proper Skills to Market the Product

Unless you are hiding in the igloo between the snowcapped mountains of Canada, you must be aware of all the marketing tactics used to spread brand awareness. However, there exits such marketer who thinks that by developing a website and timely updating the content is enough to secure a prosperous position in the digital landscape. Tons of platforms are there, where you can grab a handful of the target audience and successfully spread your brand while educating the masses. Social media sites paid advertisements and immersive videos are some of the ways to promote your information. If you do not utilize proper marketing skills, your content will soon be disappeared from the browsers.

10. Too Many Typos: Content Having Errors

Typos, errors, grammatical mistakes and wrong information are some blunders that devastate your content. These are highly unacceptable flaws from a professional content writer. So if you are making one that you surely are not capable enough to be called professional. This strikes a blow to the brand’s identity you are sketching in your writings. Similarly, if we ponder on the flip side of the coin, a well-written content having curate of information organized skillfully with no spelling errors delights a customer in a blink! Furthermore, it builds trust as well and depicts authenticity of the brand.


Writing content involves skills, creativity and a level of understanding. It’s not only about composing a pretty and engaging piece of information about your product or brand. Instead, it involves understating the needs of the audience, working around the expectations of them and crafting a piece which they find valuable and helpful in their day to day life. Something that can provide a sort of assistance, more like a solution to any kind of problem is delivered through a well-written content. Therefore, make sure your content is errorless and is based on firm foundations, to avoid making content marketing mistakes in future.

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