E-commerce SEO: How Do the Rankings Matter?

The SEO rank of your website is not something you have monetary control over, because Google and other search engines hold the keys to the algorithms. However, if you are clever and got your research in place, you can land your e-commerce site on the first search result on the first page of a search query.

Even when solid players like Amazon are venturing to new territories and reaching new milestones, new entrants in the field of e-commerce are still turning it even through trusted strategies like SEO.

Therefore, it is important to note that the search engine is the main player in this game. An e-commerce report for 2019 found out that organic traffic through search engines is the main driver of sales for various websites. Even if you are a new business, you can’t take SEO, Link Building and other features of website optimization for granted.

SEMRush found out the top features of a search engine result page. They can make your site rank higher when a keyword is entered. They are mentioned below:

  • Brief answer. This instant text is displayed on the top most of the page, usually taken as an excerpt from a web page. It ranks on the basis of relevancy with the topic.
  • Carousel answer. It is a local search result with mostly displays business photos, contact number, and other details.
  • 3 pack. It is also a local search feature where three most relevant businesses are displayed in a row, based on relevancy. E-commerce sites can also rank in this pack.
  • News about something. It appears on the topmost if the news is time sensitive, for example when a business hits a milestone or holds a memorable sale.
  • Website links to internal pages also show up with the website itself.
  • Tweets from Twitter have also started appearing on the first result, based on their importance and time-based relevancy.
  • Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms are also displayed on the first page.
  • Featured video, which you mostly see when Drake or Rihanna drop a new song on YouTube.
  • A featured snippet, when your store is offering something which is the perfect answer/solution to a user’s query.
  • Ads also appear on top and bottom, taking first and last three spots on the search result page.

If your website is ticking some or most of these boxes, you have a fair chance of ranking for a certain keyword. It can do wonders to your sales graph!

Benefits of mobile

We know very well that the customer of today is browsing e-commerce sites through a phone or tablet. If your site is optimized for mobile, it is a ranking factor. Mobile accounts for 60 percent of the searches, which means that 60 percent of people have the chance of stumbling upon your website!

Eighty percent of people use a smartphone, and 14 percent use a desktop, do the math yourself! More and more e-commerce retailers are investing in mobile optimization and reaping the rewards. If you are at the right search result page at the right time, there are more chances of stealing the show and winning more customers. Moreover, holiday and other important seasons are the keys to target that first result page and a high ranking slot.

Faster loading means more sessions

Two things happen when your website does not load fast (we are talking more than 30 seconds here):

  • You lose a customer
  • Search engines penalize your website

There are so many things that could be slowing down your site, and the situation can be controlled if monitored regularly. If you don’t monitor the site, many sluggish elements can weigh the load speed down. Maybe it’s the graphic design; maybe it is the hosting service, etc.

Find out the reason and fix it to unlock the way to getting more visits and longer sessions by the same user! Here is a statistic to your utmost horror: a load speed of more than 5 seconds can decrease your bounce rate by 90 percent.

Losing the customer means you just lost a sale. How do you plan on bringing them back, when they went disappointed from your site? Make the site fast because it is good for SEO, which is good for business.


Keywords are the heart of a search engine optimization campaign. You have to choose your keywords just as a soldier uses a sword for battle. At least four words are used for keywords around the globe. Then long tails keywords are there, which means you use ‘best hairdryer for curly hair’ rather than ‘best hairdryer” when optimizing your hairdryer product page.

As more and more people search using long tail keywords, your store will end up being the top result and secure those customers.

Meta descriptions

The sales target of your e-commerce site doesn’t only rely on a great product or mouth-watering design. It depends on how you curate the website to welcome each customer. User experience is your real currency.

So, when a user searches about you on Google and finds only a link but no description, you just lose an interested customer. Enter Meta descriptions. These are details about a product or service under a link on the search engine result page which guide a user more. They are a lucrative SEO boosting opportunity.

If Meta descriptions have more keywords, there will be more chances of ranking on SERPs.


You need a solid SEO strategy to finish decorating your e-commerce site for customers and get more sales through the search engines. The ultimate goal is to reach the buyer who is using a keyword to search for a product or service that you sell.

Product descriptions, alt tags, Meta tags, and blog are some places where you can apply your keyword strategy easily. This online leather jacket store is doing it right.

Rest, look for tweaking your mobile versions and make sure the site loads in under 5 seconds.




Ashley Rosa

Ashley Rosa

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