Facebook Events Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

Social media is one of the best ways to search for prospective customers if you own a business. It’s great for connecting with potential customers as well as loyal consumers. Facebook Events is an often overlooked channel of marketing. It helps introduce people to your brand while hopefully creating a lifetime consumer. With people across the world making up 4.1 million likes per minute on Facebook, social media is a very valuable marketing tool for businesses when used properly.

A major concern of most companies is the return on investment they need to see from their advertising efforts. By looking at multi-channel attribution to determine which marketing channels lead to a sale, a business can not only optimize their efforts but can also focus on which channels are responsible for the most conversions of leads or sales. The Facebook events platform is a valuable tool for companies, that is often overlooked. But mote that can bring a lot of valuable traffic and sales. And here is how:

Raises Brand Awareness

Events help give your customers a tangible experience that makes your brand unforgettable to them. By creating Facebook events, you reach more of your target audience. Facebook algorithms allow you to invite individuals who marked “going” or “not going” to a previous event. And either targets them specifically or avoid them completely.

This allows you to connect with people who may not have been at your event last time for whatever reason. It also allows you to avoid wasting marketing dollars on the people who are not interested in your brand. When people see an ad for a company they have never heard of that peaks their interest, they are more likely to attend your event. They also become more aware of your brand.

Provides Leads

Anytime you are able to introduce a potential consumer to your brand, there is the opportunity for a conversion. Lead generation is an important part of a company’s overall marketing plan. By having the opportunity to interact with those who have indicated interest in your company’s service or product, you can convert those leads into paying and potentially loyal customers.

Leads let you make connections with potential customers as well as other professionals in your industry. By finding ways to attract customers to your business, you increase the chances of keeping them around. Leads are an integral part of a company’s customer base. The Facebook events provide potential customers with just enough information or promises of sales to get them interested in your brand and bring them into your store.

Facebook Events Help Mix Up Your Social Media Content

Social media is a valuable tool for companies across the world but only works properly when a business follows the best social media practices. The content on your Facebook page is important to your viewership and followers. By using effective content, you can pull your consumers in with a story or promises of free offers. If you are constantly posting about your company sales, customers are more than likely to unfollow you. Most people on Facebook don’t want to be constantly advertised to.

The purpose of social media as a part of a business plan is to keep consumers engaged. When you create an event on your page, it mixes up your content and allows your consumers to actually meet you and your brand in real life.

Targets Your Specific Audience

If you blindly promote your event to a Facebook page that only has 3 followers, you’re not going to get a lot of engagement. The more people who have the opportunity to see your event and respond, the more chances your event lead to success. It’s an opportunity to introduce your brand to people who otherwise would not be aware of it.

Investing in Facebook ads can get your business and event a higher following. While you may need to conduct A/B tests to see the proper settings on your ads, once you get these dialed in right, you can expect to see a lift in viewership. Facebook ads can be targeted to a specific audience you want to reach. Which actually is unlike any other type of advertising. By allowing you to target your event in an ad to specific people based on age, interests, location, or gender, Facebook ads help you the most out of your marketing budget.

Allows You to Interact With Potential Customers

By utilizing Facebook’s event marketing platform, you can invite people across the city or state your company is located in to get potential consumers in the door. Introducing people to your brand increases the chances of future conversions and sales. Engaging with your consumers at an event is a great way to get them to know what your brand is all about.

Events bring people into your store who may not know anything about your brand. Thus giving you a chance to talk to them about your products and your overall company mission. Events are important to the roots your company puts down because they bring together the community, making you the common thread. It’s like inviting the neighbors over to dinner to get to know them. It’s a networking or sales opportunity.


There are plenty of platforms available to make the marketing department of any company easier. But note that very few are as simple and as cheap (free even!) as Facebook events.

You not only have the option to invite, see the analytics of who is interested and who is not, but you also have infinite availability of potential customers on Facebook. By using Facebook as a marketing channel, you can connect with individuals across the state. And even more, around the world with your brand.

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