The 3 Most Important Aspects of Facebook Marketing

Facebook and other social media sites have completely changed the way people communicate and interact with each other. Not only is this social media outlet a great way to make new friends and stay in touch with old ones, it is also quickly becoming the most effective advertising vehicle the world has ever seen. Doing Facebook marketing is one of the most effective ways for selling everything from web design services to organic vegetables. Really, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, using such social media outlets can positively impact your outbound marketing efforts.

Maximizing Social Media Utility

Gone are the days of billboards and Yellow Pages advertisements. In the modern digital era, it is not only helpful but essential that small businesses should have a presence on social media. On a non-professional level, you almost certainly have a personal account already and may also have one for your company as well; but without proper cultivation and management, even the best advertising done on Facebook could go to waste.

For you to have the most successful social media campaigns, there are many factors to take into consideration. For example: if you post something at three in the morning, do you think it will get as many views as something you post at three in the afternoon? Probably not. However, the contrast becomes more refined as you consider your posts, the people you’re working with and aiming to impact, and policies involved with that outreach.

Posting at nine in the morning could be more effective for certain demographics than posting at three in the afternoon. To really get a full idea of what will be most effective in terms of Social Media Optimization, or SMO, you’ve got to look at the total picture. Accordingly, here are the three most important things to keep in mind when marketing your product, services, and business on Facebook.

1. Your Posts

Facebook posts for businesses are not as simple as the funny quotes or cute photos you would post on your personal account. They will define your firm in the minds of possibly millions of people and should be appropriately considered. You may want them to be funny, but then again, humor may be anathema to the professional perception of your business.

You need to know not just your audience, but your business as well. With this in mind, following are several tips to help you most effectively post on FB:

  • Use images. Images are important, as they will be much more likely to draw the attention of those casually surfing the web. Choose good images; interesting and applicable ones.
  • Entertaining posts will draw more attention, but you should always favor professionalism over entertainment. There’s a balance here, you’ll need to find it.

Post frequently, good Facebook marketing habit

It is important that people see your page as active and engaging, so posting at least two or three times a day is important. That said, don’t be too frequent; that can become annoying, and relegate your FB profile to ignored background static. Again, balance is fundamental.

It is also important to keep in mind that your posts should be a passageway to your website. While you may be able to gain some business directly through Facebook, most of your posts should be designed as a means of drawing traffic to your site. With that in mind, it is likewise considerable to remember your posts should always be targeted towards your niche or market.

If you were a Native American in days of yore preceding European intervention, what would make your aim surer? Say there’s a herd of mighty buffalo, and you’ve got a bow and arrow. If you aim too high, the arrow comes down right near where you’re standing. If you aim too low, it won’t reach your target. The key is aiming between the extremes, and being strategic about it.

2. Your People

You need to clearly define who your business needs to reach with its Facebook marketing. Pages with well-defined goals and audiences will always be more successful than those without. It can pay to do some marketing research here, or consult an agency providing online marketing services.

Facebook marketing also offers useful tools to help you narrow down your outbound efforts to reach your target audience. Facebook Ad Optimizer is very helpful in ensuring you get the most out of your ads. And Facebook Reports help you keep track of your advertising performance, so you can make adjustments when the goals you’ve set for your organization aren’t being properly met.

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For example, if your target audience includes older individuals, you may create a quick, enticing post with a link to a blog post about the perfect Medicare Part C plan. As a general rule, you should always create posts that are engaging to your audience and that combine with other marketing efforts for greatest total success.

Something else to consider here is your online responses. There are going to be individuals in your demographic who reach out to you for one reason or another, and you need to either have a team whose job it is to manage online social media solutions like Facebook, or an individual who is dedicated to the task; whatever is ultimately most appropriate for your operation.

3. Your Policy

Before you begin using Facebook marketing for your company, it is important to lay out a social media policy for your partners and staff—this inbound marketing agency London | Platinum Hubspot partner points out: “Inbound marketing and inbound sales are growth strategies that generate demand, engag[ing] prospects and clos[ing] more deals.” The key word there is: strategies. Strategy requires planning beforehand. Planning requires identifiable policy.

Not having a policy in place can cause worlds of problems in digital realms as well as tangible ones. Employees who are working without any strategy are apt to make avoidable mistakes, some of which may compromise security, allowing bad actors to hijack your page and use it for their own designs.

Facebook marketing for any small business should always be a team effort. You do not want to rely on any single person in terms of your entire company’s social media presence. It makes a lot more sense to get input from the whole team for your Facebook page and posts. You will also want the interaction of as many people as possible in order to help grow your web presence.

Again, working with an agency who specializes in SEO and SMO can be ideal in helping you to properly define an actionable policy that will work as intended, producing clickable, positively-trending results over time. And that’s the final quality to consider in deference to effective SMO strategy.


Marketing success takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. One of the biggest mistakes you can take is to quit before you’ve reached any success. What you want to do is set aside a strategy which incorporates aspects of the three provisos in this post. From there, you want to set aside a budget.

Once you’ve done these things, implement them, and wait. Provided you’re keeping solid numbers, you’ll be able to tell whether a goal you’ve established for your operation is tenable or not. If it is, then maintaining marketing momentum can continuously yield a profit. If it isn’t, keeping data will help you refrain from wasting assets chasing a non-profitable end. Either way, Posts, People and Policy (the three “P’s”) are essential for proper SMO.

Ashley Lipman

Ashley Lipman

Ashley is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion in providing creative solutions for building brands online. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches.
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