The Power of Guest Posting: Effective Link Building Tactic

Anyone or any business who owns a website should adopt an on-going link building strategy to help increase the overall authority of their website. This really should be a mandatory practice for both small and large businesses. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as most people have no idea what link building is, or are doing it completely wrong, to begin with.

1) Guest Posting Technique

Now the specific link building technique that we will be talking about in this article is guest posting. This technique should be part of your overall content marketing strategy. In a nutshell, guest posting involves reaching out to relevant sites in your overall niche and seeing if they are interested in publishing a guest post article. If you get the go ahead, you would simply place your URL within the content of the article. Then send it off to the website owner for publishing and boom, generate yourself a natural backlink.

It’s important to note that Google absolutely loves these types of backlinks as they take a real human effort to generate. They are non-spammy and natural and Google will favor your website heavily if done consistently and strategically. To make this even more powerful, make sure your on-site SEO (Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, H1 Tags, Image ALT Tags etc.) is taken care of before you start acquiring links. Get into the habit of building quality backlinks each and every month and you’ll be way ahead of the competition.

Now let’s dive into the benefits of link building and more specifically guest posting.

2) Increase Search Engine Rankings

One of the biggest benefits of link building is that it helps strengthen the overall SEO of your website which in return results in higher search engine rankings. You can’t really expect to reach the top positions in Google search without having an army of quality backlinks pointing to your website.

Some of the biggest improvements people see in the SERPs are a direct result of getting guest posts published on other authoritative websites.  In fact, guest posting (and link building in general) will make your search engine rankings increase unlike anything else.

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Another great benefit of guest posting is that you can target specific pages/keywords that you want to rank for.  Let’s say, for example, you run a blog that has a page that is ranking at the bottom of Google’s page 1 for a given keyword. If you were smart and really wanted to chip away at that term/page, you would put that URL in your future guest posts using specific anchor text. Although you don’t even need the anchor text to see impressive movement. This over-time would really give that page some more link juice and you should see it start to climb the ladder. Do this with multiple pages and the results can be astounding.

This leads perfectly into the next point…

3) Produce More Organic Traffic

With higher search engine rankings comes increased amounts of organic traffic.  And who doesn’t like free and highly-targeted traffic from Google?

That’s right, the more quality backlinks you build through guest posting, the more your search rankings increase and the more organic traffic comes flooding into your website. If you were ranking on page #2 for a highly searched keyword phrase and now have all of a sudden made it to the top 1-3 positions in Google through guest posting, the traffic increase can be significant.

There are so many people out there wondering how they can increase their organic traffic and have no idea where to start. The great thing about guest posting is that it’s accessible to anyone who wants it. Other website owners are always looking for fresh content to publish on their website, and that’s where you come in. If you’re looking for a little more detail on how to actually get started with guest posting then take a look here.

More organic traffic can potentially transform your business. Which is why so many companies hire digital marketers or go to marketing agencies to help them out with this.

4) Strengthen Your Domain Authority

MOZ has created what we now refer to as the Domain Authority metric which basically assesses the number of quality backlinks that point to a website. It’s based on a 1-100 scale and can be checked directly at the MOZ website using the “Open Site Explorer” feature. Domain authority is used in Google’s ranking algorithm, so it’s really important to consider this in your SEO efforts.

Guest posting helps strengthen your overall domain authority with each quality link that is built. Be patient with this though as link building and generating a higher Domain Authority does take time. It is by no means an overnight process.

Once you do achieve a higher Domain Authority, you will not have to work as hard compared to a newer site to show up in the SERPs. Therefore, it should always be the goal to increase your site authority naturally through guest posting.


To conclude, I cannot stress enough the importance of building backlinks on a consistent and on-going basis. Don’t expect to build a few authority links and have your website shoot up in the search results. Although it’s possible to happen. This will take some strategy, dedication and persistence to see the best results.

Another final note is to track this with tools such as Google Analytics and LinkOkay. Create an annotation saying something like “Started Link Building Efforts” at the specific date you begin. Look back on this in 6-12 months and see how much organic traffic has increased. If you use a search ranking software, do the same thing to see how much your search rankings improved over-time. Sometimes more evidence will be just what you need to keep the ball rolling!

Evan Hoeflich
Evan Hoeflich is a blogger, SEO specialist, solo ad enthusiast, link building trainer and more. He takes great pride in providing people with the latest knowledge, tips, tricks and techniques in the Internet marketing arena. Outside of running his blog and marketing business, he enjoys playing golf, hiking, playing guitar and spending time with family.
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