7 Strategies to Optimize Email Marketing Campaigns

Optimizing your emails needs some well-thought-out strategies to increase the click-through rate of your business emails and also the level of engagement. Here are seven strategies we know can be useful in when you optimize email marketing campaigns.

1. Write a Captivating Subject Line

First impressions matter. This might sound cliché, but at times, these clichés have some sense in them. Think of your email subject line as the first impression that you have to make to your recipient (about 33% of them open your email just because of the subject line). If you don’t hook the recipients with your subject line, then it spells doom for the rest of your content. Even when you’ve crafted an impressive email body, your readers may not be rightly disposed to get the gist of your message since you already disengaged them with your subject line.

So how can you optimize your email subject lines?

Arouse curiosity

A little curiosity is all that’s needed to arouse the interest of your recipients. It will give them an incentive to read through your email to satisfy their curious minds.

Use figures

Numbers have a way of quantifying items in a succinct way. To illustrate: Compare these two headlines. “The Best Strategies to Use in Closing Real Estate Deals.” “5 Best Strategies to Use in Closing Real Estate Deals.”

The latter is best geared to captivate your recipient. It is more direct and straightforward and gives the reader something to look forward to when they read your email. The former gives a vague idea of what is to be read and the recipient may brush it off.

Personalize it

Have you ever received an email that bears your name and has a little background information about you? Aside from the message being put across, we are sure you opened the email because it had your personal name and information. Personalization grabs the attention of many recipients, especially if it’s used in the subject line. Recent statistics by Experian show that open rates and click-through rates rose by 29% just by using a name in the headline. So why hold back from using your recipient’s name?

Keep it short

Let’s face it. With modern day commitments at both the workplace and personal space, no one gets the time to read through major blocks of text. People tend to scan through texts rather than read through them. Also, most email recipients (about 40 %) read their emails through their smartphones. This makes blocks of text unappealing. Stick to 50 characters at most with your subject line.

2. Consider Email Marketing Service Providers

As earlier mentioned in the introductory text, emails have been used since way back in marketing. Marketers used to send emails one by one to their recipients and used to track feedback in the same way. But as technology developed, new software came through to enhance and optimize emails.

As a marketer, you should go with the times and make use of email marketing service provisions. These services help you in your email marketing endeavors by creating nicely crafted emails, which are optimized for multiple devices. They also provide extra services such as managing your email lists, performing email analytics and many others. Some email marketing services even incorporate an email ad server to allow you to monetize your email campaigns with contextual ads. Ease up your marketing efforts by using an email marketing service provider.

3. Send Relevant Emails

No doubt, we all receive unsolicited messages in our email accounts. It can be displeasing. You don’t want to be the source of this displeasure amongst your email subscribers. Take time and write personalized emails to your contacts. Ensure that your message is targeted and relevant to them. According to reports from a study conducted by Market Land, relevant and personalized emails attraction transaction rates of up to 6 times higher than the normal rate. It is every customer’s delight to receive an email that offers a solution to their needs and in within the confines of their interests.

4. Optimize Email Marketing Campaigns with Calls-to-Action

At times, you may attract the interest of your recipients and actually get them to open your emails. They may read through keenly but may fail to act on your message. This happens mostly when there is no Call-to-Action (CTA) in your email. So, you would be attracting your audience but failing on the conversion aspect.

To remedy this, add a clear call-to-action. If you feel that you’re not cut for this, then use some help from a second or third party, for example, the editors at EssayWriterSite. Tell them what you want them to do after reading your email. It could be signing up for a service, ordering a product, requesting for more information, etc.

5. Add Some Visual Content

Visual content has an attractive force which words can never match. They are interest-arousing and captivating. They stimulate the minds of your recipients and engage them more. By fact, some users purely open the emails to see the pictures, animations, and infographics. Utilize such visual content for more open rates.

While at this, don’t get too zealous with the visuals otherwise you’ll water down your message.

6. Don’t Undervalue Replenishment Messages

When you get successful with your initial prospecting emails, your customer may act by purchasing your product or service. When they deplete the product or are in need of the service again, they may want to know how to enjoy it once again. Picture this: if you just sent a message encouraging them to re-order at this opportune time, you are sure to get repeated business. This is what we call a replenishment message.

Such types of messages tend to increase conversion rates and product sale levels.

7. Perform Some Segmentation

A key optimization practice for more success in email campaigns is segmenting emails. Out of the bulk of email contacts you have, break them into smaller groups. Categorize them in the form of gender, geographical location, type of product purchased, type of product of interest, past purchases, etc. The premise is to come up with categorized lists that will help you send targeted messages. Segmenting your email contacts will enhance the process of organization in your email campaign and in extension, sending relevant emails to your contacts.

To illustrate: if you provide a writing service, you can segment your contacts based on the kind of write-ups that your different customers require. The probable groupings could be academic essays, research papers, term papers, blog posts, business content, articles, web content, social media posts, etc. You could also group your customers into bloggers, students, website owners, marketers, companies, and the likes.

When, let’s say, you want to offer a specialized service for bloggers on how to monetize their blogs, you could just send it directly to the segmented list of bloggers rather than send it to your whole list of email contacts.


Lots of lead generation, prospecting, customer interactions, and sales have been carried out through emails. This can largely be attributed to the targeted nature of emails. It is also enhanced by the fact that recipients have already opted in to receive your messages. But it doesn’t just take a list of email contacts and broadcast message to be successful in email marketing. You can have volumes of contacts, but only a small number of your recipients are actively engaging with your brand.

As a marketer, all it takes are well-thought-out strategies that are customer oriented. By applying the seven strategies highlighted here, your email marketing campaign will be more successful. Your open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and sales levels are sure to increase. That’s a good way to start and optimize email marketing campaigns for your small business.

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