10 Uncommon Employee Benefits That Can Be Your Company’s Advantage

Finding financial freedom can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. There are proven strategies to reduce debt and reach financial freedom out there; you’ve just got to put them into action.

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One way to put such a thing into action is to provide employee benefits that are uncommon but in demand. Some of these will barely cost you anything. Some considerable ones include:

  • Having a Nap Room for Employees Available
  • Including On-Site Garden or Food Prep Facilities
  • Facilitating On-Site Anti-Stress Options
  • Reimbursing Employees for Exercise Costs
  • Having a “Sick” Room Available
  • On-Site Medical Support Solutions
  • Incentivization for Fitness
  • Massage Therapy Available At Your Operational Site
  • Fitbits or Other Wellness Baubles Provided By Your Company
  • Reimbursing Employees for Specific Exercise Classes

1. Having a Nap Room

If you’ve got a small business with employees who regularly work long hours, you might provide them a nap room. Granted, they can only nap during lunch or other breaks, but sometimes a little cat-nap can be just the thing to enervate your workers. This is almost a free thing to provide, as well.

If you want to look as big as you hope your company will be, this is a considerable strategy—looking big as an SMB can be important, and here are nine additional ways to do so. When your SMB looks bigger, you’ll likely attract a higher caliber of employee.

2. Including On-Site Garden or Food Prep Facilities

If you can install a garden on-site, such an installation has an aesthetic quality which makes your business look very professional and progressively unique. This perspective is often shared by internal employees as well as external clients.

If you’ve got areas where employees can harvest and prepare the fruits and vegetables which come from the garden, it can really make your business feel organically whole. It can make it feel comfortable to employees. This makes them more likely to stick around, and likely facilitates loyalty as well.

3. Facilitating On-Site Anti-Stress Options

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Some sales floors have a room with video games, ping pong tables, chess boards, stress balls, and snacks. These are all means by which employees can erase their mind of the day’s difficulties, and come back to work from their break refreshed. This makes them more productive, happier, and less negative. It’s a win-win for everybody.

4. Reimbursing Employees for Exercise Costs

Workout clothes, shoes, cleaning supplies, bags, and supplements can be expensive. It can be difficult for employees to have any drive this direction; especially if they’ve got to pinch every penny. Providing reimbursement may actually attract talent. Additionally, it helps employees to stay physically fit, which sharpens their minds, and will likely make them more valuable.

5. Having a Sick Room Available

Sickness comes, and it’s often seasonal. You can’t really avoid this, but you can plan for it. You can have sick rooms available to help isolate those who have been infected from other employees. This allows them to work in a more peaceful environment, and it can prevent the spread of disease.

Some illnesses aren’t that dire and don’t really prevent employees’ ability to work, but they are communicable and affect other workers differently. Especially as influenza picks up in its severity, this is a considerable option.

6. On-Site Medical Support Solutions

Medical support

If you can afford to have a medical facility on-site, that’s a substantial benefit that can be integral in maintaining the virility, and therefore the productive output, of your employees. Even if you’ve got an on-site nurse, this can be very beneficial to your organization.

7. Incentivization for Fitness

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It can be very good to reimburse employees for their exercise costs. But this may not be enough motivation to help your organization secure the employee benefits of physically and mentally fit employees. One solution may be to provide cash incentives (or bonuses at least) which come when physical improvement is recognized. This is cumulatively beneficial for your company and your employees.

8. Massage Therapy as one of the Best Employee Benefits

Massage therapy

Massage therapy has a luxurious, attractive quality to it which will likely help your business bring in better employees. Additionally, this is a great way to reduce stress and can be fundamental in terms of health for employees that spend the majority of their day leaning over a computer.

9. Fitbits or Other Wellness Baubles Provided By Your Company

The Fitbit is a great way to help employees get in shape. It turns losing calories into a kind of points game. With today’s video game culture, there is a sort of subconscious psychological impetus that can drive many millennial-aged employees. Also, you might look into ergonomic keyboards and chairs. However you can enable your employees to success, you should. This is, again, cumulatively beneficial for all parties involved.

10. Reimbursing Employees for Money-Management Programs

Just as you reimburse employees for exercise equipment and clothes, and perhaps even provide them an incentive to attend events and galas, it makes sense to reimburse them for money-management programs which may take place outside your business.

In order to relieve them of stress that money issues or preoccupations can cause, you can make sure that all your employees have a free consultation with experts from the field. Depending on your available budget you can secure money management consultations that will make your employees feel both relieved and secure.


Think outside the box. If you’ve got a suite of employee benefits that are uncommon, these can be very attractive to diverse prospects who otherwise might not consider your company.

Whether you’re a large operation or a small one, you can definitely experience solid benefits.

The thing about a cohesive benefits plan, though it may cost your company a little bit, is that it continuously builds on itself. When employees are doing well physically, they’re doing well mentally, increasing their output, and making them more valuable should situations arise that challenge them. This additionally makes your company look more sympathetic to your employees’ cause, which is good PR.

Find ways to provide uncommon and cost-effective, benefits to your employees. There are a lot of cost-effective benefits you can provide. Some simply require you to allocate space, others simply require you to reimburse or incentivize employees who show an interest in physically bettering themselves.

Many benefits packages can be employed which don’t cost you money for the whole team, but only those who sign up for the packages.

Remember, not everybody will respond to a physical fitness program. But those who do will pay for its cost through their increased profitable output over time. If you’ve got optional employee benefits, you can see selective improvement, and this can as an added bonus help you identify your best workers.

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