How to Use Email Autoresponders to Boost Your Online Sales

E-mail has quietly done a lot of selling without getting too much hype. That’s why it is still one of the best ways of boosting sales.

Some of you might find it a bit hard to believe because of too much trust in new forms of marketing. The very recent statistics reveal that about 89% of decision-makers in B2C companies believe that email is the most reliable piece of prospect details they acquire.

To be more specific, every modern business relies on email to sustain growth. Email marketing is still relevant and it is still a key part of marketing campaigns.

It has just got better with the autoresponder tool. This particular tool is maximizing the efficiency of many email marketing campaigns.

In simple words, Autoresponders are pre-planned emails which your program sends to the clients.

Yes, it can help you in boosting your online sales and that’s what every business wants.

What exactly an email autoresponder is?

The professionals call email autoresponders “quiet workhorses” of successful marketing campaigns. This program never gains too much attention but operates 24-7 to aid in automating email marketing.

An autoresponder knows when to say hello to the right customers at the right time. This program greets, welcomes, and responds to every query submitted by your customers.

It can be difficult for you to respond quickly to every email sent by your customers. Delayed response time can upset many customers and it is quite harmful to your business.

An email autoresponder prevents you from hurting your clients. You can inform your clients about new blogs, new products, and share other valuable content with your clients to engage them longer.

Therefore, email autoresponder is one of the most essential tools for email marketing and overall marketing success of your business.

How to use an email autoresponder to increase your online sales?

Email autoresponders can be a game-changer for your marketing campaign if you use them in a strategic way.

There are a few strategies that you can try to get positive results, which are as follows:

1. Welcome all your new subscribers

Every customer wants to feel special and a simple welcome email can do it. This is the most basic email marketing tactic that many companies apply.

Each business uses a unique welcome email to begin a new relationship with new subscribers. New subscribers require your full attention because they are your potential customers. You should reach them as soon as possible to clarify the benefits of choosing your brand.

A simple welcome email is good, but you should focus on your subscriber’s needs. Make that welcome email more effective by focusing on your customer’s shopping needs. An impressive deal with a welcome email can do the trick for your business.

email autoresponders to boost online sales

Many business owners do not invest in email marketing because they believe it does not work. How would it work if you will not space emails out?

Nobody wants to see the inbox filled with a bunch of promotional emails every day. You need to learn how often you should send emails when using an autoresponder.

The experts recommend that you should send emails within an interval of a few days or weeks to make it more effective.

It would be great for your business if you send 9 different emails every month, selling a different product in each third email. Your potential customers would love to check out what’s newly available on your platform.

2. Share some case studies

Sharing case studies of products is a great way of boosting sales. Of course, your autoresponder program can send case studies related to the products your potential customer is looking for.

Whenever a customer shows some interest in a product you provide, there will be some doubts in his mind. Most of the buyers are concerned about quality, price, and performance.

Everyone wants to be fully assured that the product will work for him and it suits their specific needs. You cannot predict what is pulling back your potential customers from buying your products.

Therefore, sharing a comprehensive case study via email allows you to resolve all the doubts customers have in their minds. It also assures your customers that you as a business care about their needs and expectations.

email autoresponders to boost online sales
Sometimes a quick tip can also do wonders! It is probably the quickest and simplest way of convincing a customer.

A large case study is not always the best way of gaining customers’ attention via email. Many people do not like to read a long message.

While it takes just one or two minutes to take a look at quick tips you are sharing. These tips should be related to the products your customers are looking for. Make it short and effective.

This attempt will certainly help you in winning many hearts by sending a short and useful email through your autoresponder program.

3. Reply to their queries

Even though you think you have designed a perfect product and explained it perfectly, customers will always have some queries regarding it. You should always be ready to answer their questions.

Many business organizations lose a chance of winning customers’ hearts because they try to be fancy while answering customers’ questions.

They seek straightforward answers and no fancy attempt of selling products. It will be even better if you create a Q&A format to make things clear while answering customers’ queries.

Check the most common queries made by customers to prepare a format and answer their questions.

4. Invite customers for reviews and share some knowledge with them

Customer reviews are essential for selling every product you have on your eCommerce store. All the buying guides on the internet suggest that buyers should check customer reviews before buying any new product.

The modern buyers are smart and they know other buyers share their experience with the products to reveal the true capacity.

You should use your email autoresponder to ask your customers to share their reviews. Now you might be wondering how anyone would review your product without buying it. Send an email in which you are asking your customers to review your product.

email autoresponders to boost online sales
Explain key facts about your product and put the review option at the bottom. Most of the receivers will take a look at your product, check its pros and cons, and many would certainly buy it if your product’s specs are impressive.

It is true that every shopper seeks some assistance whether buying online or offline. People usually search on Google to improve their knowledge about a particular category of the product.

The guide providers always promote certain products to draw readers’ attention to their affiliate links.

Many of your potential customers will do the same and that’s where you may lose them. Know what is troubling your customers and come with your own solution. Use the email responder to help your customers in improving their knowledge.

You should also explain how your product satisfies user’s needs by meeting all their needs. It is a very effective way of convincing someone to buy your products.

5. Provide a referral bonus

Freebies work really great when it comes to entertaining customers and gaining their attention. If your goal is to drive massive email signup and eventually make huge sales, you must offer a referral bonus. Ask your subscribers for referrals and provide a bonus in return.

email autoresponders to boost online sales
You will expand your marketing team if you try this tactic. Create a template containing details regarding the referral program.

Use your autoresponder program to send that email twice or thrice in a month. It will keep reminding your subscribers that they can win a bonus just by asking their friends and colleagues to join your eCommerce platform.


An email autoresponder responds just like a machine. Anyone can see that he is receiving machine-generated replies. People are done with such replies and they seek a personalized response from the service providers. You should focus on making each customer feel special and you can do that by personalizing emails. Use your subscribers’ names in the email to make each reply look tailored for his/her needs.

People like it when you call them by their names and they connect immediately with a brand that offers special attention. So, try it because it works when it comes to growing your eCommerce business. It is always difficult to build trust when you have new customers. Things can get more difficult if you are a new company and only a few people have reviewed your products.

Use third-party websites to share existing customers’ experience. Use other platforms to encourage your potential customers for buying and reviewing your products.

All the shared tactics work really great when it comes to Growing your eCommerce business by using an email autoresponder. Your email marketing efforts will generate positive results if you use smart programs and rely on cutting-edge technology.

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Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark is a content marketing specialist in IT & SEO, who helps clients increase their revenues by improving their organic traffic and building powerful campaign through Google Adwords. She can be reached via email at
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