How vLogging shaped the Content Marketing Strategy of E-commerce Businesses

Almost 90% of businesses consider the video as important part of their marketing strategy. And more than 60 percent of businesses actually utilize videos as part of their marketing campaign. This is one of the factors startups must consider in the new digital era.

A good video marketing campaign is through video blogs or simply called vlogs. Vlogs have been used for personal communication, especially by social media influencers. Influencers now have become an effective medium in marketing due to their wide reach, so vLogging soon found its way as a staple in the social media marketing.

YouTube is heaven for videos of all types, and these include vlogs. Vlogs are perfect for YouTube because of the following reasons:

  • There are over billion YouTube users. This accounts for more or less one-third of people on the Internet. Anyone has the potential to build over billion views!
  • Billions of video hours are watched by YouTube users each day. People spent so much time on YouTube that no cable network in the U.S. can compete with.

Again, vlogs are great as a marketing campaign for any business. It’s best to learn more about vLogging first before discussing how it can shape how e-commerce businesses do content marketing.

What are vlogs?

Vlogs refer to video blogging or video logging. It’s basically a blog in a video format.

vLogging HDR

The “first ever video” to be considered as a vlog was the January 2000 video posted by Adam Kontras. From then on, vLogging started gaining popularity in 2005 due to YouTube, which was launched the same year.

YouTube has risen to popularity in just a year. As YouTube became popular, so did vlogs. Channels with vlogs are among the 100 most subscribed channels.

VLogging has become easier in the recent years because of the rise of good smartphones with spectacular video capabilities.  It’s the best time for videos. We now have faster internet, so videos load faster and clearer than ever before. Videos are also very compatible with any search engine running on a device on any operating system. Quality videos can now reach your audience wherever they may be.

Vlogs are also made very popular because of social media. A lot of personal accounts make use of vlogs for the same reason that they do blogs. People simply are very social beings that would like to communicate with as many people as they can. Instead of writing though, some people would want to speak instead and that’s why vlogs are preferred by many. VLogging has surpassed personal purposes and has been tapped by business, and it has become very effective marketing technique.

VLogging is a really good online marketing strategy that has finally reached the best time to be used.

Why should you Vlog?

There’s a lot of reason why you should do vlogs.

First, a lot of users prefer watching videos over reading lengthy written materials. A perfect comparison is taking vlogs against blogs. If your audience will be given a chance whether to read a 1000-word blog or watch a 5-minute vlog, I bet they’ll going to choose the vlog. Vlogs are clearly a better choice as it appeals to more senses as compared to blogs. The experience is simply more rewarding.

Vlogs also appear more credible to your audience. They can see who’s talking, and they can see how the message should be conveyed so that it won’t be taken out of content. This level of communication is deeper as compared to just publishing a written blog.

Another reason why vLogging is really a good decision is that it helps you rank higher in Google’s search results as Google gives videos more emphasis. Having mentioned this, make sure to optimize your videos’ titles and description for better search engine optimization. Some suggest that if you have videos on your site, you are 53 times more likely to appear in the top search results of Google. YouTube is also owned by Google so it is highly probable that optimized YouTube videos, so rank better. Especially those whose websites are included in your YouTube video description.

Finally, studies have shown that videos keep your site visitors on your page longer. They could easily just skip reading lengthy write-ups. But for videos, they are more likely to watch the whole thing. Keeping your visitors on your site longer is a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to entice them to avail your product or service offerings.

How VLogging can improve your Marketing Strategy

Now you know how important vLogging really is. So it’s time to share how vLogging can improve your marketing strategy and what you need to do to achieve it.

Marketing Strategies

It’s easier than you think

Vlogs started as just personal materials so you don’t need to go overboard and trying to aim for production-quality videos. You basically just set up a camera (or use your mobile phone) and you can start vLogging. The main concern here is what to be said, who will say it, and how it will be said. So pick the right person, ready the script, and get the camera rolling!

Videos can increase conversion rates

Videos simply appeal more to people over text. Visitors to your site will stay twice longer if you have high-quality product videos. They are also more likely to visit your site again because of these videos. You just have to create a viral video that it will be easily shared on social media, helping your campaign reach a lot more people. And with all of that, statistics show that product videos significantly help to boost your sales. As a form of video, vlogs do just that. Paring it up with influencer marketing would, even more, magnify the effect!

Adds a personal touch to marketing

Videos such as vlogs can help you with adding a personal touch to your marketing campaign. This means that your audience can see a face and hear a voice to your ads, and that is a good thing. It gives the ad more credibility and more reliability since you know who is talking and you know how the message was said. That’s why vlogs work best if you use someone who is very attractive, and someone who is very appealing. It’s also the reason why using an influencer such as celebrities for your vlogs can really help.

Vlogs also reach out to your audience in a more natural way. Vlogs can make your audience feel that they are being talked to directly whereas typical video commercials make the audience feel like they’re nowhere in the picture. This personal level of communication your audience will feel helps with keeping them more connected to your brand.

Reach a wider range of audience

There is no doubt that vlogs can help you reach a wider range of audience. First of all, videos really do attract the attention of more people than other forms of ads. This is good because your effort is not wasted, and your purpose of reaching your audience is successful. Second, videos are shareable. Your audience is more likely to share a video than to share text. Third, videos help you rank on search engines, especially on Google. If you are first on the search results page, you are more likely to be seen by your target audience. The lower you are on the search results page, the less audience you’ll reach. With Google giving higher priority to sites with video content, vLogging can truly help you rank.

More chances of social sharing

Videos simply are very shareable. Adding social media buttons to your videos can help it reach even more audience exponentially. And if your video is simply very good, it may even go viral – and that’s a modern-day online marketer’s dream! Use social media to help your videos reach a wider audience than before. So don’t forget to add social media sharing functionality to your site!

Use Vlogs to Reshape Your Own Content Marketing Strategy

Vlogs have truly shaped the content marketing strategy of e-commerce businesses, so you shouldn’t be left yourself behind. A vlog is indeed a very effective marketing technique that can help you reach more audience, can even help you engage them more, and eventually, help you improve your conversion rates.


If you aren’t doings vlogs yet, it’s about time for you to harness its power. If you already are, make an even more aggressive campaign like tapping social media influencers for bigger impact, and better results. Use vlogs to reshape your own content marketing strategy now!

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Juliette Anderson is an Outreach Community Specialist for an e-commerce fulfillment company that specializes in partnering with online sellers who have an average parcel weight of 5+ pounds or greater. She works hand-in-hand with e-commerce stores to achieve optimal sales for four years already. Her specialty lies in social media marketing and paid promotions.
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