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Happy Birthday Invoicebus!

The team behind Invoicebus is pleased to announce we’re officially one year old I can’t describe how happy we are today after one year of operating and supporting Invoicebus. In one year of ups and downs, struggles and hustles we managed to finish our first year with positive news. After one year of working we […]

Scheduled Maintenance

We’re upgrading the database servers, so we expect about 2 hours of downtime at Saturday, November 3th, 2012 12:00-14:00h CET Date: November 3th, 2012 Downtime: 2 hours (12:00 – 14:00h CET) Reason: Infrastructural upgrade + Software update Infrastructural Upgrade Invoicebus’ database servers are growing up! We’re super excited to announce the migration of our conventional […]

Invoicebus is on the air, Live Support is online

3, 2, 1 and we’re on the air This Monday we put something new, something fresh at If you look in the right bottom corner of your browser you’ll notice bar showing Live Support. Yes this is for real, now you can talk directly with the creators of Invoicebus, and get help directly from […]

Invoicebus Got Better & Faster

Recently we had our first update of Invoicebus. Insight of improvements and fixes are given in the following list. During the official test period we collected feedback from the first Invoicebus users. They gave great ideas and suggestions for improvement of Invoicebus, so we implemented some of those in this update. The improvements are: Faster […]

Invoicebus Has Been Launched

The arrival November 30th, 2011 – 23:30min CET – The Invoicebus has finally arrived! Great thanks to all people who took part in the testing program and helped us tuning the final release version of the application. For those who have left feedback we prepared a few gifts. We are grateful to all friends and […]