Partial payments in Invoicebus

The all new partial payments have finally arrived.

Partial payments

This was a feature that many of you have requested, but we didn’t want to rush it and gave it some time to mature enough before we started with the implementation. As you already know partial payments could be made in Invoicebus only if the invoice payment was manually recorded within the app.

But this wasn’t the case with the online payments. If you wanted to receive online payments, your client needed to pay the whole invoice amount. We knew sometimes this can make your clients feel uncomfortable, and sometimes even frustrated. So we wanted to make the online payments more flexible and decided to introduce the partial online payments.

The best part is, with the partial online payments, it will be easier for your clients to pay you back. This will for sure incentivize the client to pay you promptly and iInstead of paying one big amount they can split it in a more comfortable smaller amounts. Yay to building great client relationships.

Enabling partial payments

The partial online payments are enabled on per invoice basis. As you can see now in the invoice editor, in the “Payment Options” section at the bottom you’ll notice the “Enable partial payments” checkbox. To enable partial payments, the only thing you need to do is, check this box and save your invoice. Ta-da, now you can receive partial payments for that invoice.

Invoicebus enable partial payments

And this is what your clients will see when they’ll click on the payment buttons on the invoice preview page. For convinience here’s displayed the basic info about the invoice, the payee (your company name) and the total, paid and due amounts.

Invoicebus partial payments window

Note that the partial payments functionality is unified and work for both Credit Card and PayPal payments. After entering the amount, the payment flow continues same as before.

We know this is one more step in the payment process, so if you don’t need partial payments you can go back to the old payment way, which requires payment of the whole amount. You can even combine the two of them for different invoices.

Bonus: Improved payments reversal

The way the old payment reversal worked was by removing the payment record without any prompting. And if you undo some payment it will be gone for good. This is a serious operation, so to prevent accidents we added a new layer of protection with a confirmation dialog box.

Also instead of removing the payment record we decided to keep it and added a new “Reversed payment” note for that invoice.

Invoicebus reversed payment

This way you can keep complete payments log for your invoices, see how much is paid and how much is reversed.

Next, we have some interesting ideas for Invoicebus on our minds, but let that be a surprise.

Top photo credit: Got Credit

Dimitar Stojanov
Dimitar is co-founder of Invoicebus, an online invoicing tool for easy invoice management. He's passionate about creating beautiful and simple web applications and occasionally writes on this blog about web design, online business, and fighting the status-quo. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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