Feature Preview 1: Outgoing Invoices

Outgoing Invoices is a section within Invoicebus where you can do amazing operations with your invoices in a perfectly smooth and organized way.

Why to manage numerous of data in different places and deal with complex customer relationship management modules when you can do all from one place, integrated and straightforward like an A.

Few of the core functionalities derived from this panel are:

  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Calculating

Need convincing? Let’s start.

Clean, appealing list of invoices

Every invoice in the list is presented with:

  • A few of its details (issue date, number, client);
  • Optional description;
  • Status (paid, unpaid, and overdue);
  • Total bar
Invoices List

Beside the total amount of an invoice, the total bar visually shows percentage of how much money has been paid to you for that particular invoice. It’s awesome when you run on visual for your partial payments, right?

Discrete Tooltips

Totals Tooltip

Tooltip is a little balloon-like box that appears when you move the mouse over the total bars and shows additional information.

Mighty Real-time Filters

Invoices Filters

Dancing summary is created when filters are applied. What does that mean?

As you apply/type filters, summary dynamically re-calculates (or dance) in real-time, depending on the matching results. You can combine multiple filters for more specific calculations.

Example: If you want to calculate how much money Brad owes you for web design in the past three months, you can enter filters like this:

Period: 1 Aug 2011 – 30 Oct 2011
Client: Brad
Description: web design
Status: unpaid, overdue

The list will display subset of invoices that match your filter criteria; therefore its totals summary will be calculated and shown beneath. Awesome!

Sortable Columns

The Filters are mighty by themselves, but when you combine them with Sort, they become majestic.

Sortable Columns

The picture shows descending sort for the total column.
Can I apply more than one sort at a time?
Yes you can.

Example: First click the Total column, and then click Status.
Sort priority will be: Status then Total. Neat stuff!

Just on a tap of your fingers, with a few clicks and maybe a little bit of your creativity; possibilities of this invoice list probably extend beyond your imagination.

Interactive Menu

Invoices Menu Clickability (availability) of the menu operations changes on-fly according to the selected invoice. Those operations which are not available (for the selected invoice) have smoke gray appearance.

The example menu from the left corresponds to a paid invoice.

Booya! You can’t make a mistake, even intentionally.

Keyboard keys:

We mapped some native keyboard keys behavior, so you can feel just like you work with a conventional desktop application, not web software. Who said that web-apps suffer from this one?


Arrows (Up/Down) – to move the selection in the invoice list
Esc – to cancel an action, to hide shown windows (Yes, windows. There’re some)
Delete – to delete an invoice
Tab – to move through text fields
Enter – to open selected invoice for viewing (double mouse click can be used also); to confirm an action.

Invoicebus works with no interruptions because everything happens in real time, smoothly like waltz, without a single reload. Sounds crazy? Maybe it is, a little bit, but we dare to raise today’s web-programming criteria well beyond traditional web paradigm.

Stay tuned on this blog, we’ve just started spreading the Invoicebus magic ;)

Invoicebus Team

Invoicebus Team

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