Feature Preview 2: Invoice Functions

Send by email, viewed notification, download to PDF, enter payment,
payment reminder, thank you note

Most of the invoice functions are translated for the quotes also. We will cover only the most common for both document types. The windows shown in the context below pop up when you choose some of the related actions.

Send by Email

– Option that helps you to send an HTML version of your invoice/quote to the client’s email address.
Invoicebus Send by Email

– Attach PDF option is included in case you wish to include PDF version.
– You can enter custom text message to your recipient.
Invoicebus Email Edit

The default message is edited from inside the same window. When you click Edit Default Message link, the text-box becomes modal, which means everything around it dims (becomes foggy), and the focus is brought only to the vital part; thereafter you can save your default message. Why to open the hood (read: settings) , when you can manage everything from inside the cabin (read: right here, where your focus and attention are). Intuitive, natural and fast just as blink of an eye.

Invoice/Quote Viewed notification

Notification will be sent to you when your client views the emailed invoice/quote for the first time.

Accept/Decline Quote directly from email

– After your client receives the quote, it will be able to accept or decline it directly from the email. Upon his decision you will get immediate email notification.

Invoicebus Quote Accept/Decline

This appears at the bottom of your emailed quote

Download to PDF

Generate PDF file from your invoice/quote and download it to your computer. PDF version looks exactly the same as it’s shown in the invoice/quote view mode.

Enter Payment (available only for unpaid invoices)

– This option allows you to maintain your payment records.
– If you enter smaller amount than the invoice total, it will be considered as a partial payment.
Invoicebus Enter Payment

Payment Reminder (available only for unpaid invoices)

– Notify your client when the invoice is overdue. Reminder contains your custom  message and a few automatically generated details regarding the invoice.

Invoicebus Payment Reminder

Thank You Note (available only for fully paid invoices)

Good practice to show gratitude for your completed business deal is to send a tank you note which contains your custom message and a short details regarding the invoice.

Invoicebus Thank You Note

All actions taken for one particular invoice/quote are recorded in the Activity History section within that invoice/quote. We will talk more on this in the upcoming feature preview posts.

Invoicebus Team

Invoicebus Team

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