Start Invoicebus from your Desktop

Launching you favorite invoicing software Invoicebus has never been easier, straight from your desktop.

First let see how Invoicebus is started in "conventional way", and after that I will show you a little trick how you can speed up the launching. As you can guess everything starts with a browser, and I’ll share with you that Google Chrome is my personal favorite, so let launch it.
In the Chrome address bar, also known as "omnibox" we enter
After the login screen is loaded you’ll need to enter your Invoicebus username and password, and you’re ready to invoice your clients. But what if you can jump some of the steps, and go straight to invoicing with just one or two clicks. In Google Chrome there is something called application shortcut, and we’ll use this to place Invoicebus shortcut on our desktop. To create application shortcut:

  1. Go to the login screen in Invoicebus, enter your username and password, and don’t forget to check "Remember me". This will save a cookie on your computer so you won’t need to enter your username and password all the time you launch Invoicebus.
    Note: If you’re using shared computer don’t check "Remember me" option otherwise the security and confidentiality of your invoices may be jeopardized.
  2. Click on the wrench icon invoicebus-chrome-wrench in the upper right corner.
  3. Now go to Tools, and select the first option from the menu – Create application shortcuts.
  4. You will see the screen (on Windows 7):
  5. Check the locations you want the Invoicebus shortcut to be placed and click Create.
  6. Voila, now you can start Invoicebus straight form you desktop or taskbar.

Do you know other tricks of creating "desktop" web applications? Come on, share them with us – would love to hear from you.

Dimitar Stojanov
Dimitar is co-founder of Invoicebus, an online invoicing tool for easy invoice management. He's passionate about creating beautiful and simple web applications and occasionally writes on this blog about web design, online business, and fighting the status-quo. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
Dimitar Stojanov

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  1. Great tip Dimitar, thanks for sharing it.
    App shortcut of Chrome is super convenient to access your favorite web-apps. In addition, when you hit F11 you can enjoy full screen experience just as native desktop app.

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