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Hosting Struggle – Round 1

As a bootstrapped company every cent is valuable for us, so we always look to reduce our costs and expenses. Because of the limited budget, we decided to make one week test on a free hosting service, thus lowering the costs for web hosting at the start. Usually free web hosting is not always as […]

Early Marketing Site

This is the place where Invoicebus concept has been revealed for the first time, where clue has been given what Invoicebus is, who is intended to, and the reason why should be used. The Invoicebus Manifesto has been published here, so everyone can see what our intentions are and what kind of software Invoicebus would […]

Logo Design Recipe

Our logo represents a simple visualisation of the vision that our product delivers, so everytime we look at it, it shouts the character of our product, loud and clear: “Invoicebus is intuitive, fast and simple!” Workflow: 1. Sketch a few logo candidates onto paper; 2. Choose colors and fonts for the letters; 3. Write the […]

Brainstorming Our Product Name

Choosing the right name for our product was one of the top priorities from the very beginning. A lot of ideas passed through our minds, whereas all of them had one thing in common: the keyword “invoice”. We wanted a catchy and easy pronounceable name, so we started thinking of different names involving the word […]

The Invoicebus Manifesto

Our ideology is precise and publicly available to everyone. It consists of 12 fundamental principles in which we strongly believe: We believe Invoicebus is reflection of our passion It’s more than just a software, it’s a real-time projection of an ideal full of enthusiasm and faith where belief in success is our key component. It’s […]