10 Steps for Creating Positive Customer Experience


It’s estimated that over 68% of clients leave companies because they feel mistreated. At the same time, 85% of companies are sure that the service they provide is excellent. High-quality service is crucial because the attitude of the customers towards the company determines the company itself. 

Amazing customer experience is something companies should always strive to improve, so they need to solve all clients’ problems. Here are 10 steps for creating a positive customer experience that will help companies grow and increase the list of loyal clients

#1 Understand What Positive Customer Experience Is

To fulfill the task successfully, you need to define it. Providing good customer experience is often misunderstood and confused for good customer support. In fact, these two definitions are different, but both of them are equally important. High-quality support contributes to the experience but doesn’t fulfill it completely. Customer experience is a number of factors that ensure positive feedback from the client and makes him come back to the company for further collaboration.

Excellent customer support is not a destination you need to reach in your business, but rather the cogwheel that will make your business’ mechanisms work. 

#2 Make the First Impression Count 

Running a business in the digital era requires mastering the art of Social Media Management (SMM). If your company is completely online, then your website and social media are the things that form the customer’s first impression. You have to remember that it had never been so easy for a client to leave the company, then in the digital era. All of your competitors are just a click away, so finding ways to make the customer stay are crucial. 

If your company operates in offline spaces, they also have to be customer-friendly in terms of design and service. The first impression isn’t everything, but it determines whether the person will stay or leave.

#3 Picture Yourself as a Customer

Walking in the shoes of your potential client is a difficult job. Though, nowadays searching for a customer to buy your product makes no sense. You have to find a product for the customer and help people solve their problems. Become your own customer and go through all of the interaction processes yourself. Be honest and understand how satisfied you are with the experience you get. 85% of companies believe that they deliver an excellent customer experience, while only 5% of clients think that they were treated right. 

The annoying job of picturing yourself as a customer pays off and helps to understand the perspective of people, who will bring the income to your company.

#4 Personalize the Experience 

60% of customers don’t mind their shopping behavior and preferences to be used by the company to create a more personalized experience. You need to engage your clients to create profiles on your online platform and make sure they are regularly emailed with relevant content. Saving customer’s payment information could also be an amazing option to personalize the customer experience. To show how you respect loyal clients, create a loyalty program for your business. You can also host product launch tours and offer exclusive deals to the most loyal clients. 

#5 Focus on Storytelling 

A well-plotted story about how your business started and what it is for can be a great move for improving customer experience. Create stories people will relate to. Storytelling is what helps businesses engage the emotions of the clients. The story you need to tell your customers has to explain “behind the scenes’ of your project. 

Storytelling is not just a way to increase your sales; it’s an instrument for creating a long-term relationship with your client. A good story you will tell your customers must consist of the characters, the conflict and the solution you’ve found to solve it. 

#6 Keep an Eye on Engagement 

Engagement plays a significant role in displaying people’s interest in your company. Track how many of your customers open their marketing emails. To increase the number of people reading your newsletters, get back to the step of personalizing the customer experience. As was mentioned before, over ½ people don’t mind if their personal data will be used for personalizing the experience. You have to offer people the deals they may be interested in and keep things relevant.

#7 Provide Human Connection

An emotional connection with the client is crucial for running a successful business. People like to understand that there are other human beings behind the business. Make your customer feel present in your company. For example, send him a greeting letter if he subscribed to the company’s emails. If you have a blog, don’t forget to mention the author of an article to create a real human presence. 

Having ambassadors for your brand is also a great strategic move. It’s not obligatory to hire an influencer for that purpose, some of your employees or you yourself could also represent the values of the brand. Think of how Bill Gates is an ambassador of Microsoft. 

#8 Treat Your Employees Right

The loyalty of the customers begins with the loyalty of employees. Moreover, only loyal employers can create a friendly environment for employees. If you treat the people who work for you the right way, they will also do their best to treat customers better. 

Create a working environment with a healthy dose of competence, give your employees enough space for learning and taking new opportunities. Good team building is also important. Host holiday parties for your employees and engage them to take part in some fun activities together. This will help them to create a goal-oriented team for your business and higher their motivation for providing high-quality service.   

#9 Improve Customer Support 

As you already know, the best thing you can invest in is your team. When an employee sees that his employer is giving big opportunities for growth and self-development, he becomes more determined to do his job well. 

The customer support team is one of the most important bricks in the wall of your business. You have to teach and improve this team constantly. Your customer support has to be a team of competent problem-solvers, who will also represent the quality of a company’s service. Teach your customer support to be more empathetic and flexible. This group of people has to make your clients’ experience perfect and know that the customer is always right. Customer service employees have to be the people who can swallow their pride for the sake of solving the problem. 

#10 Plan and Predict 

Planning is essential to create a positive customer experience. You need to look further and see more than what your customer needs at the moment. Think about what problems your customer may face after the purchase and suggest a solution straight away. 

You also have to understand how to provide a better experience for your customers. Superoffice.com statistics show that most people are ready to pay more for positive customer experience. On a global scale, this technique can higher the profit by 70% in three years. 


The quality of customer service determines the success of your business. Loyal clients don’t just contribute to your company, and they are your company. These tips and tricks on taking your customer service to a new level are the steps that will make your business more meaningful, client-oriented and competitor-resistant


Cheryl Hearts

Cheryl Hearts

Cheryl Hearts is a talented journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. Cheryl is a contributor to major media publications. She also runs her blog CherylHearts where she shares her opinion on topics trending in modern society.
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