5 Sure Shot Tricks to Keep Your First Customers

In every business, getting and retaining customers is one of the primary objectives. You know without customers the business can’t make any profit or progress. In this regard, you want to ensure that you have the right systems in place. That way you can get and retain customers no matter the size of your business or industry.

Customers are very fickle and inconsistent. Well, unless you are one of the global mega-brands such as Audi, Apple, or McDonald’s, loyalty seems like only as strong as the last sale. This is the reason why attracting and retaining clients or customers have to be a top priority for any mid-sized to small businesses.

In many cases, getting the first customers is a bit of a problem for many businesses. This is due to inexperience and other issues affecting the new company. Since your business lacks social proof, branding, and excellent referrals, it might be difficult to get the first few clients. However, with a few strategies, you can get your first 100 clients within a short period of time.

And while most business and startups usually direct their attention on getting new customer or clients online, strengthening connections with existing clients or customers is equally or probably even more important.

Getting started is one thing, but retaining your customers is another. Today, we discuss five excellent ways to keep your first customers for life.

Exceptional customer care

You probably already know that good customer care makes a difference in customer decisions. However, you might have no idea that even the way you interact with your customers has an impact on the customer experience. For instance, according to Delloite, up to 62% of companies view customer experience through contact centers as a significant differentiator when it comes to competitor analysis.

Internet Retailer supports the report from Delloite through their own prediction that companies with better omnichannel customer engagement strategies have a higher chance of retaining their clients as compared to companies with poor strategies. They reported that the former has a chance of retaining up to 89% of their customers as compared to only 33% for the latter.

According to Zendesk, up to 50% of customers believe that it’s better to solve customer care issues all by themselves.  Gartner supports this claim through their report which suggests that by the year 2020 more than 85% of all customer engagement with a company will be through other channels other than human interaction. In this regard, you need to know how to get the right channels in places, such as Social Media and Self-Service centers. That way your customers will feel engaged.

Also, you need to make it easy for your customer to reach you. Do not just send them through a lengthy chain of menu choices and options before they can get an individual on the line. You need to make a point of responding to emails, social media comments and voicemail messages in a prompt manner.

Reward your first customers

When someone does something that is beyond and above our expectations, we leave feeling excited and delighted, and will likely tell others.

Promotional gifts, sending a thank you card, seasonal greetings and birthday cards are some of the sure ways that you can use to show your customers that you care about them. You can also reward them for their business by giving them loyalty extras or discounts when they use your service repeatedly. Rewarding your customers does not have to be an expensive affair as you can consult with your accounts department on the budget that you have.

Nevertheless, the most important factor should be ensuring that the gift is unique and relevant to the customer. In this regard, you should know your customer’s interest and use them to advance your reward program.

Buy from your customers

It is time to not only think about your own business but also your customers’ business. Just because they are your clients, does not mean that they are not business owners themselves. One of the lesser used tricks of business owners is the idea of buying and using their customer’s products and services in order to show a genuine relationship. As a matter of fact, you can go further. Start promoting their services to show support for their business. They buy and support your business and in turn, you do the same to their business. It is a win-win situation and it will guarantee loyalty from your clients or customers.

Be resourceful to your customers

No matter what your business goals are, you need to always be resourceful to your clients. For instance, you can offer free advice on various products such as the best alternatives and maintenance options. Do not look at your customer as a cash cow who needs to make a purchase and leave your business as soon as possible. Rather look at them as a partner.

For instance, if a prospect approaches you looking for a solution, please ensure that you offer them the best you have even if it will not lead to a direct purchase. The idea is to show the customer that you care about their well-being. And that you are a resourceful person who cares.

Keep in touch with your first customers

According to Salesforce, one of the leading companies in customer relationship management, more than 50% of customers are more likely to switch a brand if they feel that they are not getting personized communication. In this regard, you want to give your customers the most personalized customer experience you can get. How do you do that?

Learning your customer’s interests is the beginning of improving customer engagement. You need to know your customer well and approach them from that angle. Moreover, make sure that you keep in touch through various channels such as social media, email or letters. The aim is to make the customer feel valued. That way they can maintain their loyalty and come back for more business.


As a business owner, there is no doubt that you are keenly aware that customers are the lifeblood of any business. A steady stream of clients or customers will allow your company or business to grow and fulfill your vision. Also, keep in mind that first customers are not just customers; they too can become a powerful ambassador for your business. A loyal customer is not only paying for your services and products but is also telling other about you, too.

It is a mistake to take repeat business for granted. Customers or clients will come and go. Usually disappearing without even telling or letting you know why they are not returning. So, be sure that you protect the investment you have made. You’ve earned their trust for the first time by taking the ultimate possible care of them.

Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis is a regular contributor on many sites and mainly focuses on business-related topics. He has a deep knowledge in his field and also writes for the site thepromogroup.co.za offering corporate and branded gifts in South Africa.
Daniel Lewis

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