How Freelance Writer Can Turn Your Blog Into a Sales Tool?

A powerful online presence is critical for business success in today’s digital climate. Besides setting up a website and being active on social media networks, you need to understand the power of content creation as well.

Blogging has become one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to promote your offers. If you do it right, you will not only draw more traffic to your website but will also reach new markets, establish your authority in your chosen industry, and meet your ultimate goal – to increase sales.

Somewhere around 61% of US consumers have made at least one online purchase, as a result of blog content and 55% of marketing specialists state that blog content creation is a top marketing priority.

Statistics clearly show you need a blog to make your business successfully online. But are you up for the task with no extra support? More companies are choosing to work with freelance writers to maintain their blog section updated

IS this the right choice for your business as well? What does a professional writer bring to the table? How can they turn your blog into an actual sales tool?

They’re equipped with professional writing skills

Blog content that actually converts needs to be of high-standard quality. You know your market, and your audience, but do you actually have the necessary writing skills to convey the message you want to share? Grammar and spelling mistakes, an unfriendly tone, the wrong formatting – there are many aspects that could be dragging your content down if you don’t have the right abilities here. An experienced writer, on the other hand, will likely focus on the primary content quality traits:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Visual appeal
  • Length
  • Formatting
  • Readability

Brands are producing an extensive amount of content every day, so you don’t want your blogs to go unnoticed. Professional writing is critical if you want to inspire trust and convert your blog readers into leads.

They understand SEO

Writing solely for SEO purposes is wrong, but your blogs do need to be SEO optimized. Google organic search can drive most of your site’s traffic, and in order to maximize your rankings, each one of your posts should contain the right SEO features.

While you might know a thing or two about SEO, you could easily overlook relevant SEO ranking factors. You need a writer with comprehensive search engine optimization knowledge. Someone who writes for readers, but also adopts a style that appeals to search engines.

  • Adding proper Meta titles and Meta description
  • Incorporating Focus keywords and keyword variations
  • Appropriate interlinking – inbound and outbound

Content marketing and SEO overlap, but you need to adopt the right writing practices in order to channel the typical technical endeavors of SEO into your content. Nowadays, freelance writers have a deeper understanding of SEO requirements and focus on creating optimized posts, while not compromising on value or quality.

They’re familiar with keyword research

The SEO field is changing rapidly, but keyword research has remained an important component.

  • Proper Keywords research practices will allow you to optimize your posts
  • SEO-optimized posts will increase site traffic
  • Increased site traffic will boost conversion rates leading thus to more sales

Finding the right key terms, phrases, and variations, but also knowing to work them into existing content or writing the post around them can be challenging. You need blog posts that deliver the highest SEO value but sound natural at the same time. Only experienced writers are able to use these SEO-sensitive elements correctly, without affecting the flow of the content.

Using Google Analytics or other keyword research tools, choosing the highest-ranking terms, and incorporating them optimally into the text – that’s what writers need to do here. highlights that successful blogs demand researched topics that incorporate researched keywords. Your content writer should have the ability to focus on a compelling topic while managing to make use of optimal keywords.

They can provide quantity and quality

For your blogging activities to actually bring you results, you need more than just a few good written articles. Post sharing should be done frequently. Hubspot has studied the market and claims that businesses publishing more than 16 posts per month get 4.5 more leads than those publishing under 4 posts.

Because freelance writers do this for a living, they’ll meet deadlines and help you keep your blog section fresh and up-to-date. Regular posting will also not affect the quality of your posts if you work with someone experienced and skilled.

They understand soft-selling

When you are focusing on a topic that is directly linked to your products or services, you need to take the message you are trying to convey and wave it into the post subtly. Today’s consumers are tired of heavy-handed marketing messages, and these no longer work in generating sales.

Soft-selling has become a fundamental element for business blogging success, and professional writers understand this strategic approach to content creation. Soft-selling is the ability to sell something to a reader, without them feeling like they are being told to. It combines strategic thinking with storytelling skills.

A good writer will manage to write an article that actually helps your customer in some way, create a good impression on your brand, all without directly pushing them to make do business with you.

An example here could be writing a post about the importance of sustainable living when your business sells organic products. You aren’t telling readers to buy something from you, but you are putting your brand in a positive light.

They know how to generate compelling and engaging topics

The articles visitors will discover on your site will help them form an idea of what your brand stands for. A dull topic or a sensitive subject can affect the overall image of your business, even if that article is actually written well.

Considering how much content already exists, it can be difficult to find topics, headlines and to generate ideas that actually trigger interest. You need engaged readers to keep them on your site and turn them into leads.

A professional writer who does this for a living knows how to find the most compelling subjects to write about. They can take an ordinary idea and turn it into something of value, something that grabs your site visitors’ attention.

  • They stay in research mode constantly
  • They know where to get accurate resources and reference materials
  • They use a variety of tools to keep projects organized
  • They use statistics
  • They know what readers are drawn to

As suggests, reader engagement is critical, differentiating between the blogging practices of businesses from the same industry, influencing content conversion rates.

They’re persuasive

Making sound arguments – that’s what a professional writer is able to do differently from someone with less experience. Knowing how to be persuasive in writing, piquing the audience’s interest without affecting the image of the brand or being too “pushy” isn’t always easy.

You want to inspire trust and authority, but to generate sales at the same time. A great writer will always know how to provide the right type of info and get blog readers to actually take action.


As you can see, you have a few powerful reasons that highlight the importance of working with professional writers for business blogging purposes. The ultimate objective here is to increase sales, and content creation can be the ideal tool for that. With informative, engaging, persuasive and SEO-optimized posts on your blog section, your business can head in the right direction.

Lori Jones

Lori Jones

Lori Jones has years of experience working as a content editor. She is always perfecting her skills by attending various seminars and conferences. In order to help other writers, she wants to use her knowledge and experience to ease their freelance journey.
Lori Jones

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